4 tips to eat well during a roadtrip on a motorbike

Any motorcyclist who wants to make a success of his motorcycle roadtrip will undoubtedly read this file with attention ! Although you can't wait to get on your bike and ride in the open air to discover landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards, food issues must first be considered. Indeed, if you want to stay in shape during your motorcycle roadtrip, it is strongly advised not to neglect your diet. So, here are a few tips and advice to eat well during your adventure at 2 roues !

Stock up on non-perishable products

Chinese noodles, protein bars, canned foods ... are just some of the things that see the passage of time without a hitch. Indeed, these foods have the advantage of being non-perishable, which is much appreciated when traveling by motorcycle. So think about buying as many as possible, whether before starting your roadtrip or en route, at a gas station. You will be guaranteed not to starve during your journey.

Choose a suitable backpack

On a motorcycle, the backpack is a motorcycle accessory important especially when preparing to undertake a roadtrip. Since our bikes are not famous for their large luggage capacity, it is important to opt for a model that is both practical and bulky. The transport of your provisions will thus be facilitated. Note that it is not recommended to overload yourself with unimportant accessories such as coolers, pots or other utensils. This will only weigh you down and hinder your movements.

Stock up on water

Any motorcyclist worthy of the name does not disagree, spending hours on his bike is exhausting and makes you thirsty. It is therefore important to keep well hydrated. Generally, it is advisable to drink 2 litres a day. However, if you have chosen a destination with a hot climate, don't hesitate to double the quantities. With the hot temperatures and intense heat, you will tend to lose a lot of water, without realizing it. So, remember to have a good quantity in your backpack. You can also bet on tea or coffee. These contain stimulants (theine, caffeine) that reduce the feeling of fatigue and promote concentration and alertness. Be careful not to exceed the doses at the risk of suffering side effects.

Find a good restaurant

From a simple snack bar to more upscale restaurants, you're sure to find an establishment that will meet your needs on the side of the road, so be sure to search the Web for good addresses.

As for the dishes to choose, avoid at all costs rich meals (simmered or with sauce) which could weigh down your digestive system and affect your driving. Think about turning to lighter dishes such as vegetables, fish or raw vegetables. These provide energy while promoting digestion.

Don't neglect your safety either!

You now have all the cards in hand to eat well during your bike roadtrip. All you have to do now is choose your destination. Nevertheless, you also have to think about your safety along the wayRemember to equip yourself well before getting on your bike. Approved motorcycle helmetNote that you must know how to choose the right helmet to optimize your comfort and safety: it must be the right size, preferably full (but here, everyone has their own preferences), etc...

On that note, have a nice trip and enjoy your meal, surtout !