Cooking today: essential accessories

Equipping a kitchen is no small task since it must allow preparations to be made without too much difficulty. Between the cutting board, the cookware, the stainless steel and plastic cooking utensils, the kitchen knives or even small utensils (garlic press, peeler, mandolin, scissors, colander, dispenser, potato masher, etc.) , all kitchen accessories should be chosen according to your needs. But here is a small list of the most essential kitchen tools.

Extractor hood

The extractor hood,
it's also for the design touch

Obviously you will need a hob. And whether it be induction or gas, the steam and smoke from your small dishes must be evacuated. To do this, nothing better than an extractor hood which is an essential kitchen accessory. If you have cupboards for your cooking and baking utensils, you can install a built-in extractor hood that fits perfectly into a designer kitchen or a professional stainless steel kitchen.

Cast iron cooker

For professionals, the cast iron casserole is an unconditional pot of great cuisine. It is possible to be satisfied with a Dutch oven, but some recipes do not reveal their taste than through this little kitchen equipment which is quality equipment and part of the kitchen items to have absolutely alongside pots, pans and wok.


If you regularly cook by frying, you will appreciate the easy-to-make culinary recipes. You will therefore need a wringer or a drainer to drain the excess oil. But, the most necessary is the fryer which exists under different models. For easy cooking, a deep fryer Magimix is ideal. This small multifunction appliance allows you to make all kinds of preparations.

The fryer makes your life a lot easier and saves you time

Stainless steel steam cooker

Certain vegetables (eg asparagus) and quality products from fishing only really reveal their flavors by steam cooking. And the wide range of kitchen utensils includes the steamer. You can find one in ceramic which is a great material for gentle cooking. But nothing beats the effectiveness of stainless steel steamer which is just as strong as a ceramic model.

Electric slow cooker

The electric slow cooker for tailor-made cooking

A fine gourmet such as a professional chef would say that it is a useless accessory, but like the kitchen scale and thermometer, it is practical for accurate cooking. And for good reason, a electric crock pot cooked to the minute all kinds of thanks to its timer. Therefore, it turns out to be very practical as a blender or blender, and an espresso coffee machine, also essential in quality cuisine.

Croque-monsieur waffle iron

Breakfast is the most important meal and should provide all the energy you need to get through the day. A vacuum-packed dish to be heated in a microwave oven is not very healthy or even hygienic and can cause problems such as gastrointestinal problems. Of course, you can have a few madeleines or slices of cake. But with an egg, a little flour, milk and grated cheese, you can make a waffle or a croque-monsieur. And for cooking, just put the preparation in a croque-monsieur waffle iron and you can serve after a few minutes.

Sausage guillotine

The aperitif is a time for discussion and exchange in a friendly atmosphere. It is easy to heat up mini tarts in the microwave oven. But as for the sausages, that is a different matter altogether. Fortunately, the sausage sash exists in order to serve faster this dish is so appreciated during aperitifs.


The frying pan is a cooking utensil that is halfway between the pan and the Dutch oven. It allows to make precise cooking like that of the mussel in particular which requires a pot neither too high nor too low. The most suitable is to opt for a model of a brand known as a Tefal pan with a non-stick coating for example.

Cast iron tagine

Cast iron is a metal that has long been used for making kitchen utensils. Today, it still has an important place in haute cuisine. Cooking in this material gives the dishes a special and fairly distinctive taste. For the preparation of tagine recipes, the tagine dish is essential. And if you want to bring out all the flavors of the different ingredients, the cast-iron tagine must be part of your kitchen accessories.

Use the cast-iron tagine to give an exquisite flavor to your dishes

Stainless steel couscous maker

The couscoussier is a kitchen utensil that was originally made in terracotta with holes to let the steam rise to the couscous. But the preparation of this wheat semolina is now done in a stainless steel couscous maker. And this tool is to have in your kitchen, just to taste a good tabbouleh in summer. There are in all sizes, and the choice quickly made according to the number of people at the table.

Pressure cooker

The first pressure cookers gave pleasure to those who used them, because the cooking was quick and perfect. Today, the pressure cooker is still an accessory that should equip a modern kitchen. There are many brands competing for the market, but you can trust one cooker Sitram than a Tefal pressure cooker.

Bread maker

Another essential kitchen appliance is the bread maker, which allows you to make fresh bread at home, in your kitchen, every morning. It's a practical kitchen tool that is well worth the investment. However, you have to choose it carefully so that the return on your purchase will be felt in the long term. And the best thing to do is to choose a good brand. Buy a Moulinex bread maker is the assurance of having a device that allows you to prepare bread as many times as you want.

Dough rolling mill

If you love spaghetti or any pasta-based meal, it's obvious that you need a pulp mill. This small device is handy for make dishes from fresh pasta with a very special taste yourself.