All you need to know about Moroccan cuisine

One of the best cuisines in the world, Moroccan gastronomy is a clever blend of African, Mediterranean, Arab-Andalusian and North African cuisines. This diversity of influences can be seen in the unique blend of spices used in Morocco. Thanks to the sun-drenched land, producers obtain top-quality fruit and vegetables, making it possible to concoct tasty dishes that delight both the eyes and the taste buds.

Spices, essential in Moroccan cuisine

Spices are an integral part of Moroccan cuisine. These condiments perfume and colour many mouth-watering local specialities. Don't worry! "Spicy doesn't necessarily mean spicy.Indeed, even the most sensitive will be able to enjoy these tasty dishes. Saffron, coriander, cinnamon, cumin or turmeric are among others. the spices most often used in Moroccan cuisineRich in flavours, these spices will awaken your senses and offer you a real culinary journey during a meal. ras el-hanout, a mixture of spices, is also very much used in the local cuisine, especially for the preparation of a tagine or couscous.

Traditional Moroccan dishes

Moroccan cuisine is classified among the finest and tastiest North African cuisines.It consists of many specialities such as couscous. Made from steamed wheat semolina, vegetables and meat, this dish is traditionally eaten on Fridays with the fingers. Couscous can also be garnished with almonds or dried fruit. The tajine, which can be sweet or salty, is another must in Morocco. Always spicy, this family dish is prepared with fish or meat, vegetables or fruit. The harira is a soup usually prepared during the month of Ramadan. Rfissa, pastilla, a meat-stuffed puff pastry, or zallouk are also among the emblematic dishes of Morocco.

Sweet treats

Morocco also makes the sweet tooth happy with its succulent pastries. Different kinds of bites based on honey and dried fruit Among the preparations that cannot be ignored are gazelle horn, made from crushed almonds and scented with orange blossom. Pastilla au lait and baghir, a light pancake eaten with honey, are also part of delicious Moroccan pastries.

Fruits and vegetables

Morocco is also known for its fruit and vegetables. Nuts from the Marrakech region, oranges from Agadir, figs, pomegranates, almonds and dates. picked in the vicinity of Zagora Hazelnuts, dried apricots, almonds or dates, dried fruit also sprinkle the stalls in the souks.

Moroccan drinks

To quench your thirst, mint tea is the emblematic drink of Morocco. Prepared by the master of the house, this beverage is a true symbol of hospitality and conviviality. Fresh fruit juice, often squeezed before your eyes, and almond milk are also particularly widespread in this country.