Barbecue: which wines to offer with grilled meats?


When the sunny days come, there's nothing better than lounging on a deckchair by the pool, gently smelling the smell of grilled steaks and small vegetables put on the plancha. As for drinks, we'll make sure to offer wine, yes, but which one? A rosé, red or dry white? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

With beef or pork

It is not necessary to bring out the great vintages for a barbecue with friends unless you really have something to celebrate. Indeed, you can find very good bottles of wines at low prices that could easily go well with grilled meats. Also, to accompany a rib of beef or an entrecote steak on the barbecue, it is best to opt for wines aged in barrels that are recognizable by their woody taste and that go perfectly with grilled meats. Note that since the maceration of grilled meat is often strong, it is important that the wines chosen are powerful enough so that their aromas do not get lost in the mouth. When buying wine, one should therefore favour a Bordeaux, a Côte du Rhône or a Bordeaux Supérieur with their strong taste that will go well with grilled entrecote.

wine8As for pork, it goes well with light and fruity wines such as Burgundy or Beaujolais, which will give a light exotic taste in the mouth, flavourfully bringing out the spices used for the maceration of the meat. Pinot noir is also to be remembered, because with its fruity side in the mouth, it will recall the sweet notes of the meat marinade, especially if it includes chutney in its ingredients. A Gamay or a Gaillac will be just as perfect to accompany ribs and ribs. To be enjoyed with rice or quinoa for a tasty mix in the mouth.

With sausages and fish

Often, when we talk about barbecue, we don't forget to offer merguez and small chipolatas as an aperitif. To accompany these small appetizers, we can opt for a wine light as Clairet, which is a rosé with character. Vins de Pays d'oc also remain an alternative of choice, as they mix marvellously with the pronounced taste of sausage meat. To be proposed with a tomato salad with feta and basil for a most tasty mix.

Finally, grilled fish enthusiasts should focus on dry white wines that go perfectly with the taste of the fish flesh. A chilled white Côte de Gascogne is the perfect accompaniment to fish cooked on a plancha, while Chardonnay, Chablis or Burgundy wines are perfect with prawns or seafood on skewers. Serve with salad and toasted bread to enhance the taste.