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Difficult to make a choice for your new Campingaz Gas Barbecue? We wrote this special Campingaz Gas Barbecue buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions... As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Campingaz Barbecue Gas!

Our selection of campingaz gas barbecue

Buying guide barbecue gas campingaz

Buying guide for choosing the best campingaz gas barbecue

Campingaz continues to impress the international market with its latest innovative products. The campingaz gas barbecue is one of the most popular items. The result of an innovative design, all the elements including the cooking surface and the cooking grid are of very high quality. The food is heated in a healthy and hygienic way using the combustion of propane or butane gas. Piezo ignition can be very quick, which is why more and more people in a hurry are opting for the campingaz gas barbecue instead of the charcoal barbecue.
The barbecue gas campingaz is especially dedicated to every camper. However, the appliance can at the same time become your inseparable ally at a family party in your garden.

The main advantages of a campingaz gas barbecue

According to reliable sources, Campingaz takes the leading position in the sale of gas barbecues. This reflection is not at all gratuitous, as many people testify to the practicality of the appliance. Thanks to their large cooking surface, some people can grill skewers for up to 15 people at once. In addition, the piezo ignition is remarkable, as the temperature rise seems to be very fast.
Campingaz offers a variety of barbecues with several dimensions. For those who wish to take them with them when travelling or camping, they can opt for gas barbecues that are both lighter and less bulky. However, there are also other domestic barbecue equipment available. They are often an important part of your garden or kitchen. The latter model is perfect for those who are used to having several guests at home for barbecues with friends or family.
In addition, the purchase of a campingaz gas barbecue is an excellent investment thanks to its ease of maintenance. Whether for the barbecue grill, griddle or cooking surface, cleaning and enamelling can be child's play.
The campingaz gas barbecue is similarly distinguished by the rapid rise in temperature. In contrast to the electric barbecue or charcoal barbecue, the appliance is able to prepare skewers or grills in less than no time.

How to choose the best campingaz gas barbecue?

One thing is sure, all Campingaz products have their main assets to impress you. However, it is crucial to consider certain key elements to ensure that the model you choose meets your own tastes and needs.

The options offered

At the cutting edge of technology, there are innumerable interesting features depending on user expectations. Some barbecues such as Campingaz 203496 Adelaide 3 Woody L is very popular for its multifunction. A 2 in 1 equipment, you can use it to put food in the oven apart from its role as a grill. To do so, simply fold the lid down. And when you get tired of taking advantage of this option, all you have to do is use the cast iron grate. Other models offer a very innovative ignition system. With this, lighting the barbecue requires no effort or special knowledge.

Campingaz gas barbecue: cooking on the plancha

This way of cooking has become very popular in recent years. The campingaz barbecue offers you this possibility to spend good times with friends or family around grilled food and the best wines. Prefer models with plancha grill. You can replace the cast iron or steel grill to that of a cast iron plancha to cook your grills. At certain times, this plancha gas option is delivered with the barbecue. But most of the time, it is available as an option. According to the regulars, cooking with the gas plancha is very quicker than with the electric plancha. We recommend that you inquire about this possibility when buying a campingaz barbecue.

The cooking surface

To get the most out of your campingaz gas barbecue, there's nothing better than opting for the extra-large cooking surface model. It is appreciated for the number of portions to be cooked. If you are entertaining several guests, this product offers you a significant time saving. On the other hand, it is important to know that a large cooking surface also takes up a lot of space in your garden. It can be very cumbersome if you have a small work space. This cooking surface generally comprises between 1500 and 3900 cm2. Just choose the one that suits you best.

The power and number of burners

The power of the burners varies between 7 Kwh and 18 Kwh, it is translated into Kwh. For frequent use, opt for barbecues with a higher power of 9 Kwh. Conversely, you can choose a barbecue with a power lower than this value for occasional use. The number of burners varies between 1 and 4. If you choose a product with several burners, be aware that it has a large cooking surface. And for this purpose, you must have a large space in your garden to install it. If you live alone or in a couple, a single-burner campingaz barbecue will suffice.

Choose easy-to-maintain gas barbecues

To save time during cleaning, there is nothing better than choosing barbecues that are easy to maintain. Most of them come with a protective cover, which is very useful when you are not using the appliance. It is advisable to store this barbecue cover well when you are enjoying the equipment, as it is a great help to you. Some products such as the weber barbecue are equipped with a grease trap drawer for easy cleaning.

The budget to be allocated

To equip yourself with a quality gas barbecue, it is strongly recommended to refer to the major brands. The weber gas barbecue and the campingaz gas barbecue are among the most popular thanks to the wide range of services offered. The top-of-the-range items cost up to 400 euros. However, you also have the choice between 200 and 400 euros, these models have an excellent value for money. If you can't afford to pay more than 200 euros, these devices can still offer you several interesting features even if they require a more specific maintenance mode.

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