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Difficult to make a choice for your new Terracotta Tajine? We have written this special Tajine En Terre Cuite shopping guide to help you, with the TOP10 best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions... As in all our buying guideswe have done our utmost to help you choose the best Terracotta Tajine !

Our selection of terracotta tajines

Buying guide terracotta tagine

The market offers a wide choice of models of terracotta tagine, a kitchen utensil of choice for fans of Moroccan cuisine. We have drawn up a complete purchasing guide, after tests and comparisons through major brands such as Tefal. Also check out our Top 10 of the best tagine dishes in 2018.


Buying guide: how to choose the best terracotta tagine?

Our tests on various models of tagine dishes have enabled us to draw up this buying guide.

Moroccan tagine

The best terracotta tagine is simply among those made by Moroccan craftsmen. By opting for the copies that flood the market, you risk not taking advantage of the authentic tastes of your tagine recipe. One speaks especially about these oriental flavours which mark forever your palates. They are almost inaccessible with a simple paella pan, a wok, a casserole, or a couscous maker.

Electric tagine

The terracotta tagine is also available in an electric version. Play on the thermostat to adjust the heat according to the needs of the simmered dish. This kitchen utensil allows you to cook a variety of foods, including tagine, couscous, or a stew.

Decorative tagine

Note that the market also offers terracotta tagines which are mainly used for decoration. Most of the time, these bowls are glazed and decorated with various illustrations. On their lids, there are a number of holes for candles. Our test allowed us to establish that the varnishes used on this type of tagine are not suitable for consumption. A dish simmered with this container can even have a very dissuasive aftertaste.

Choosing the best terracotta tagine

We have carried out a whole series of tests and comparisons to help you find the best terracotta tagine, which has enabled us to distinguish the selection criteria to be taken into account.

The thickness of the tagine dish

To adapt your terracotta tagine to all types of cooking appliances, make sure it is of a good thickness. This means that it can be used in the oven (with a soft fire), on gas (with a heat diffuser), or on electric hobs (with an induction relay disc).

Hole on the lid

When buying a terracotta tagine dish, choose between models with a hole in the lid and those with a classic lid. If you use spices, you may prefer the latter to better preserve the scent. The flavour of your meats and vegetables will be all the better for it. To your recipe book!

Arabic or Berber lid

You will also have to choose between two models of tagine dishes. On the one hand, there is the Arabic tagine dish which has a conical lid. On the other, there is the Berber tagine dish which allows you to simmer a whole batch of tagine recipes.

What about glazed tagine dishes?

Recently, glazed terracotta tagine ranges have appeared on the market. A coating which ensures you a disconcerting ease of cleaning. It also reinforces the impermeability of the terracotta, which saves you the tedious task of soaking your tagine dish in water before the first use. In addition, models from major brands such as Tefal are coated with varnishes that are guaranteed lead-free. Dishes simmered in these containers are not harmful to your health.

What type of cooking equipment for a clay tagine?

The terracotta tagine has the practical aspect of being compatible with all types of fires, including induction. Here are the results of our tests and comparisons.


A terracotta tagine can be used on gas, provided that a heat diffuser is used. Terracotta ensures above all a homogenous diffusion of heat, which is favourable for smothering or baking. You can also do without a pressure cooker for pre-cooking.
Essential for fans of Moroccan cuisine, the tagine dish allows you to simmer your favorite menus like pros, whether it is a chicken tagine, fish tagine, kefta tagine, a confit, or lamb tagine. To avoid the taste of terracotta, put spices in your preparations.

The oven

This terracotta dish is also recommended for baking or stewing. At another time, women actually used it on a brazier (kanoun) to make stews. This traditional oven has a hearth that receives the embers of burning coal, for cooking in the oven on low heat for about 90 minutes. The embers effectively deliver a low and even temperature, which is essential to the taste and texture of the tagine or other dishes simmered with the pan.
Models of enamelled terracotta tagine can also be used as an oven dish. Thanks to this well worked raw material, you will be able to confer the best flavours to your potato gratins. During a meal, you will plunge into a real culinary journey to the far East.

The electric plates

Even better, you can use this oven dish on electric or ceramic hobs. Still, consider using an induction relay disc to maintain the integrity of your terracotta tagine, as well as that of your hotplate.

Expert recommendation

To protect yourself from risks, consider submitting to the recommendations of pottery specialists. For example, before using for the first time, it is best to soak this terracotta dish and its lid in water for a minimum of 60 minutes. Then wipe it well before coating it abundantly with sunflower oil. The terracotta will absorb the oil, making it even more robust, thus ensuring a trouble-free and long-lasting use.

Terracotta tagine vs couscous maker

The couscous maker and the tagine are two typical cooking utensils of the Maghreb countries. To revel in the authentic tastes and flavours of this dish, opt for the second one. Our test has indeed allowed us to verify that the conical shape of the tagine ensures a better conservation of the vapors. Cooking in the oven or stewing will be better.

Terracotta dish vs. Le Creuset Tagine

A reference in terms of kitchen utensils dedicated to stewing, Le Creuset offers a wide choice of top-of-the-range tagine dishes. They are given an optimal aesthetic appearance, with their ceramic lid and enamelled cast iron base. The most discerning connoisseurs liken them to a real cast-iron casserole, in reference to the simplicity of cleaning. An asset that allows them to play on an equal footing with the terracotta tagine. Nevertheless, the latter is still the best way to simmer Moroccan cuisine.


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