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Our selection of flexible cooler

Flexible cooler buying guide

On the occasion of a family outing for a picnic, it is more profitable for everyone to have a breakfast prepared in advance. But the problem which arises thereafter is the conservation of the freshness of the meal until destination. If the journey takes hours, a camping cooler must be provided in the camping equipment so that the food can be kept at the right temperature so as not to deteriorate their flavors or even their scents. The flexible cooler, electric or simple, is ideal for this type of need. However, in case you still don't know how to choose it, here is a short guide on the criteria that allow you to determine which model is best for you.

The advantages of using it

One of the advantages of a flexible cooler concerns its design which is devoid of a concrete tank, unlike a conventional cooler. It is therefore compact, if not at all.
It only takes the place occupied by its content. Thus, if you plan to take beer cans in a rigid cooler, you risk having empty spaces which will reduce the efficiency of the foam insulation inside and, consequently, the maintenance of the temperature room on the same level.
Another benefit of flexible cooler still affects its size, but rather, when it is empty. This is very convenient when you have to put it somewhere in the car. In a few folds and folds, it immediately finds a place in the trunk at the back without occupying an important place and posing a concern for space.

The criteria for choosing a flexible cooler

To choose the right cooler that will keep your meals at room temperature throughout your journey, a few guidelines must come to mind before you go on to purchase.


Obviously if you choose a flexible cooler rather than an insulated backpack, you are looking for volume so that you can complete your picnic basket as much as possible. In this sense, you should see size as the first criterion.
Indeed, there are models offering a capacity of 5l to 10l which perfectly meet the needs of small picnickers such as couples on the go. Two bottles of fresh water with a few sandwiches and the cooler is full.
But, during a family outing, the models offering 20l to 30l are the most recommended. They can accommodate all kinds of food (fruit, drinks, sandwiches, dishes, etc.). The larger the family, the more you will need a flexible, large-capacity cooler.
In addition, if you plan to camp at your destination, it is advisable to opt for a thermoelectric cooler that works on 12V by plugging it into the cigarette lighter of the car, or on 230V. This kind of flexible cooler provides refrigeration that keeps all food at the right temperature for several days.

The material

The principle of conservation of a flexible cooler is the same as that of an insulated bag. For the material that keeps refrigeration at the right temperature, it's about the same thing.
One flexible cooler consists of a polyester layer covered with a nylon fabric. But this design unfortunately suffers from a lack of impact resistance compared to a rigid cooler made of polypropylene.
However, to benefit from constant cold, regardless of the shelf life, you should favor a model with a PEVA lining. And since strength is sometimes the weak point of flexible coolers, it is important to choose a version with double or triple seams.

The conversation

Most flexible coolers have a shelf life of up to 24 hours. But others only offer 8-10 hours only. It is therefore up to you to see if this time is enough or that you need more efficiency.
For a long distance outing, it is better to choose a model that retains its content for more than 10 hours. Thus, the refrigeration is perfect, without any noticeable drop in the ambient temperature. If you are only picnicking in a nearby countryside, a few dozen kilometers away, you can choose a model with a shelf life of less than 10 hours.
However, take into account the conditions under which your flexible cooler will be stored. In a warm place exposed to the sun, it is advisable to choose a flexible cooler with excellent performance.

The practicality of the cooler

One flexible cooler is generally transportable and has a handle for this, which facilitates its transport. In this sense, test yourself the grip if it is comfortable or not. See also the shape and structure so that your fingers do not hurt. So, check if the flexible cooler of your choice has been well thought out down to the smallest detail.
In case you came across a model offering a shoulder strap, look if it is equipped with a padded shoulder protector or not. It is a component that slides along the strap according to the desired setting and prevents the shoulder from getting tired too quickly.

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