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Increasingly popular, the electric sterilizer is the right device for preserving food over the long term in a healthy way. Indeed, everything goes there: vegetables, fruits, meats, coffee, tea and many more. Concretely, it involves putting these foods in jars and placing them in the electric sterilizer to go through sterilization which will then keep them cool and dry for a long time. To do this, you need to choose the best model of electric sterilizer. Many parameters come into play to choose this device. With the plethora of devices available on the market, it is wise to read this comparison to better understand the subject before making your purchase.

What is sterilizing jars?

It is nice to eat tasty dishes but it is more important to eat healthy. In this perspective, food preservation deserves attention. Hence the role of the electric sterilizer. Sterilizing jars is a method of eliminating all possible microorganisms and bacteria from food. Going through sterilization, they will be much healthier and can be stored safely for longer.

The principle is simple: the food will be put in the jars. These will be placed in the sterilizer. When they reach a temperature of 100 °, the water contained in the jars will vaporize and allow elimination of the air. Once the steam has cooled, a vacuum is created in the jars and sterilization is complete.

The electric sterilizer can sterilize all kinds of food. It can be vegetables that can be stored for almost 6 months, fruits for a conservation of one year. It is also possible to make various preserves such as tomato coulis, sauces, ratatouille, baby food, coffee, tea and even wine.

At the same time, this device allows you to keep your food longer and therefore, save time and energy since you will not have to shop very often.

The criteria for choosing an electric sterilizer

To make the right choice of an electric sterilizer, you need to take into account several factors. Starting with the size of the tank. The choice depends on the number of jars you want to sterilize simultaneously but also on the size of the jars themselves. In principle, the smaller the jars, the more you can put in the device. However, it is not astute to trust such a calculation.

Think rather of an optimization of space by choosing for example a model which has a grid allowing the superposition of jars. In addition, for household use, a 27-liter tank is sufficient.

Then comes the material of the tank which is also important to guarantee the durability of the device. The enamelled stainless steel tank is recommended on this point. This does not prevent you from taking the test of other subjects.

The next parameter concerns the timer and the thermostat. These functions allow the triggering of a signal once 100 ° is reached and once sterilization is complete. You must have these functions so that you do not have to set the sterilization time by yourself each time.

To this is added the cleaning of the sterilizer which can be facilitated by the presence of insulating handles. The stainless steel tank also allows more simplified cleaning.

In addition, some models of sterilizers are fitted with a drain valve, a parameter which is not essential but which can nevertheless be used for something. It is nevertheless necessary to choose a good drain valve to avoid leaks and burns. Avoid plastic and opt for a more resistant faucet instead.

Finally, for your purchase of electric sterilizer to be a profitable investment, consider choosing a model that has a manual in French in order to more easily understand the operation of the device and avoid making any mistakes, even in capacity. . If not, there may also be a little cookbook that can help you discover some food preservation suggestions. What increase your knowledge in cooking. So far, recipe books are rare but with a little luck, you might come across the model that offers them.

In short, the electric sterilizer is the ideal device to be able to preserve longer and optimally food whatever it is: sweet, salty, fresh or prepared. By carrying out a sterilization as our comparison showed you, you will be sure to have healthy and balanced foods at your disposal. Remember to keep them cool and dry away from the sun when sterilization is complete.

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