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Our selection of sausage guillotines

Sausage Guillotine Buying Guide

A sausage guillotine allows you to slice your sausages properly to garnish your plates. However, with the wide variety of choices on the market, it is not always easy to find the best sausage guillotine for you. To help you find the right model that will satisfy you, check out our comparison now!

How to choose the best sausage guillotine?

There are certain criteria that should guide you to the best sausage slicer, for example, you can check the material of the guillotine, its sausage blade and the safety it offers in your comparison.

There are different sausage guillotine design materials available on the market. There are wooden sausage guillotines and plastic sausage guillotines. The first models are preferred by users after several tests and trials. Wooden sausage guillotines offer a more satisfying grip, unlike plastic ones. They also have an exceptional design, which is sure to find its place in your kitchen. However, these models are more difficult to maintain. Wood, even though it is pre-treated, requires very specific maintenance rituals. On plastic sausage guillotines, you won't have this cleaning problem because they fit perfectly in the dishwasher. And the other advantage of plastic sausage guillotines is that they offer a very precise cut of your sausages.

It is also important to check the cutting blade of your sausage guillotine. It must be sharp enough to give you beautiful sausage shapes that will complete the decoration of your plates. The cut must be clean and precise, otherwise the edges will not be uniform and will become totally unsightly. Also choose a cutting blade that is durable. There may be several materials for the construction of a sausage guillotine blade, but according to the tests carried out, it is better to choose stainless steel, because this material does not deteriorate easily despite the stresses it will face (frequent and intensive use, washing water, etc.).

Although a sausage guillotine looks easy to use, it is always best to take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. Therefore, the best sausage guillotine for you is the one that also offers the best safety conditions. In this sense, you can check the mouthpiece and see if it is comfortable to handle. You can also choose models that have a secure blade attachment. All of these criteria will prevent you from injuring yourself when preparing your guests' aperitifs. Preferably, also choose a model that protects your hands, that does not slip on the table and that has a locking system for your safety.

The sausage guillotine: an advantageous utensil!

Having a sausage guillotine in your home is only advantages: not only is it practical and efficient, but it is also reliable and safe, easy to store, versatile and saves you time and energy.

Practical and efficient, simply because the sausage guillotine offers you the ease of cutting your sausages, but also other foods. Indeed, you can use the sausage guillotine to slice cheese, meat, raw vegetables, etc. Forget boards and knives to create beautiful slices of sausage. With this device, you will have beautiful, even slices, according to the thickness you want, which you can offer to your guests. Be aware that the blade of your sausage guillotine can be replaced according to your needs. For example, if you want thinner sausages or a specific thickness, you have a wide choice of suitable blades. This replacement is also a great advantage if your blade is worn out and you want to change it.

Reliable and safe, because the safety system found on most models on the market provides optimum protection for your hands during use. The locking system is also a considerable protection criterion, so that your children are not at risk of injury when the appliance is placed on the kitchen worktop after use.

The sausage guillotine is also easy to store. It is not very large and can easily be stored in your cupboards, nor is it likely to clutter up because of its small size.

Having a sausage guillotine saves you energy and time. When your guests arrive and want to have an aperitif, you only need a few minutes to prepare some nice and appetizing slices of sausage.

Usually, the most popular models are the wooden sausage guillotine models, whose price varies depending on the manufacturer's brand and the store where you buy them.

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