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Tefal frying pan buying guide

For aspiring cooks and “home-made” fans, the frying pan is the essential tool for preparing all kinds of delicious dishes and succeeding them every time. However, choosing a model from the many brands on the market is not always easy. To make your choice easier, choose one of the most popular brands on the market: Tefal. The brand offers different models of sauté pans, more practical and more effective than the others, which makes your choice all the more difficult. By taking into consideration the different parameters indicated through the guide, you will find the Tefal frying pan that best meets your needs.

What is a sauté pan?

A frying pan is used like a frying pan, but it has the characteristics of a pan with high edges. It can be made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, porcelain, etc. It can also be fitted or not with a non-stick coating. A frying pan can be used on a baking sheet or placed in an oven or microwave. A wok can look like a frying pan. These two cookware both have high curved edges, but the bottom of a wok is rounded. If the wok is ideal for cooking Thai recipes, the frying pan can be used for cooking different dishes and desserts.

Good reasons to have a frying pan in your kitchen

The use of this atypical kitchen utensil offers many advantages:

  • A frying pan makes it possible to cook meats and vegetables quickly on high heat so that they do not lose their nutritional quality. It also allows cooking without fat.
  • A frying pan preserves the cooking juices from food which is consumed like a sauce. This cooking liquid however preserves the minerals and vitamins of your vegetables and meats as well as all their aromas. Using this utensil allows you to eat dishes that are both delicious and healthy.
  • The edges of this cookware diffuse additional heat which optimizes the cooking speed food.
  • When you cook in the pan, the fat used for cooking tends to crackle at the bottom and splash on anything nearby. By using a frying pan, your hob will keep its cleanliness and the risk of burning yourself with hot oil decrease.
  • A frying pan can be used as a replacement for the pan, as it can do any kind of cooking.
  • Why choose a Tefal frying pan?

    The Tefal brand has built its reputation on the quality of its products. An asset that meets the appointment, among others, on the range of Tefal sauté pan or Tefal saucepan. These actually benefit from a premium non-stick coating. Some models with non-stick interior coating allow you to fry meats, vegetables or fish, without fat. Other models from the Tefal talent or Tefal comfort grip range have a non-stick outer coating which ensures excellent heat resistance.

    How to choose the best Tefal frying pan?

    To avoid testing all Tefal sauté pans on the market and not to spend endless hours of research, find the key criteria to take into account that will allow you to establish a reliable comparison of the different Tefal sauté pans and to choose the one that will best suit your needs.

    The sandwich bottom

    For a uniform and optimal distribution of heat and to obtain a uniform cooking, opt for a Tefal frying pan with a sandwich bottom. It is indeed a triple layer formed by a copper layer between two layers of stainless steel.

    Removable handle

    A model with a removable handle is also practical. A fixed handle becomes hot, and therefore less manageable, from a certain moment. You will be safe from this problem with a removable handle that can be hung on the tray if necessary. At the same time, this mode of use also ensures its durability, unlike a fixed handle which tarnishes very quickly by being regularly exposed to heat. Finally, your Tefal frying pan with removable handle also promises you easy cleaning, especially if it is dishwasher safe. Nothing simpler either than storage, if the handle is off the hook.

    The capacity

    The capacity of your Tefal sauté pan is also an important selection criterion. If you are used to cooking large pieces, you will naturally opt for a large sauté pan. The best is especially to stop the choice on a frying pan, whose diameter is larger than those of your induction fires. This protects the edges from the effects of heat. The risk of overheating will also be zero. Finally, the capacity is normally expressed in liters, but e-commerce sites indicate the diameter expressed in centimeters. The model with the ideal capacity is one that will not waste your time cooking the same dish several times to feed the whole family.

    As an indication, the frying pans with a capacity of 20 to 24 cm are suitable for cooking dishes for 1 to 3 people. You will also find on the market 32 to 38 cm sauté pans, ideal for homes of 5 to 7 people.

    A glass lid

    Just like with a Dutch oven, a wok pan, or even a pot, the glass lid gives your Tefal frying pan an optimal aesthetic effect. Its practicality is revealed especially during use. It allows you to follow the evolution of cooking, without even lifting it. As a bonus, you keep the scents of your spices better by keeping the lid on the pan as long as possible. This advantage will especially be there if the glass remains clear, hence the interest of a non-stick cover.


    As the frying pan is a kitchen utensil which is frequently used for the preparation of meals on a daily basis, it is essential to maintain it before and after each use. Proper maintenance also guarantees the durability of your equipment even if it has been manufactured with a quality material. Also, choose your sauté pan based on ease of maintenance. For example, some are made of non-stick elements that allow easily remove deposits from the bottom of the pan without scratching while other models can be cleaned in the dishwasher. To preserve the new look of your sauté pan, do not hesitate to occasionally polish it by hand with a specific product.


    Before purchasing a Tefal frying pan, make sure it can be used with all types of hob, including the one you use in your kitchen. As induction fires have been on the rise in recent years, it is preferable to opt for a frying pan adapted to this energy. So you would have no problem when you decide to use it.

    Utilisation facility

    To avoid getting tired during meal preparation, choose a frying pan with a lightweight, surrounding the 500 grams. A frying pan with a removable handle will also be easier. So your sauté pan will easily find its place in a cupboard.

    The non-stick coating

    The non-stick coating, as the name suggests, allows you to cook without sticking food to the bottom of your appliance. It also avoids the addition of fat. To do this, simply choose a slow and low temperature cooking mode. As a non-stick model is more expensive to buy, opt for an aluminum frying pan equipped with a teflon coating or ceramic will make a very good compromise.

    A frying pan usable in the oven

    The ideal is to buy a sauté pan that can go in the oven. This is the case with stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and ceramic sauté pans. On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the handle, the handles and the cover of your device are free from plastic or other material likely to melt under the action of a very high temperature.

    Choose a Tefal frying pan according to its manufacturing material

    Thanks to our tests and comparisons, we are able to guide you to the best Tefal frying pan on the market, with reference to the manufacturing material.

    Stainless steel frying pan

    The advantage of opting for a Tefal stainless steel frying pan lies in the possibility of using it on any type of fire, including induction. No need to use an induction disc to cook on your induction hob. Your all-sauté pan also allows you to cook healthy, since even when exposed to intense heat, stainless steel does not transfer any material. In addition, your Tefal stove compatible with all fires has a non-stick character that improves over time. Finally, cleaning your Tefal induction stove will be a real pleasure.

    Ceramic frying pan

    Your Tefal ceramic frying pan also allows you to cook healthy and quickly, thanks to an optimal rise in temperature, from the first moments of use. The craze for this ceramic pan is also explained by the presence of non-stick coating. On certain models, this ceramic coating is formed by 3 non-stick layers of 5 mm, ensuring trouble-free and long-term use. As a bonus, your non-stick sauté pan promises you disconcerting ease of cleaning.

    Stainless steel frying pan

    The Tefal sauté pan is also available in stainless steel, a material recognized by its robustness. On this point, it far ahead of the ceramic model, often subject to scratches and breaks. In fact, stainless steel has the advantage of never tarnishing thanks to its high resistance to heat. The life of your sauté pan will be considerable. If you like to fry meat, poultry, or even fish, your stainless steel Tefal frying pan promises you healthy and correct cooking. Finally, your frying pan with lid will find its place among your set of pans, thanks to the elegant allure of stainless steel.

    Aluminum frying pan

    Your Tefal aluminum frying pan guarantees better heat distribution. A thermally conductive character which enables optimal cooking quality to be achieved. Unlike a stainless steel model, your cast aluminum stove presents no risk in terms ofnickel allergy. An aluminum frying pan is also known for its lightness, which guarantees excellent handling. It also promises a long service life, thanks to its high resistance to corrosion.

    Natural cast iron sauté pan

    Cast iron is one of the strongest materials for making kitchen utensils. Choosing a cast iron sauté pan is the guarantee of investing in a durable appliance. In addition, this type of frying pan can be used both on any baking sheet and in an oven. You can cook your stewed meats and vegetables, roast or gratin. In addition, it preserves and diffuses heat evenly to ensure qualitative cooking. On the other hand, a cast iron frying pan is more expensive than the other models. In addition, its fairly large weight does not facilitate its use. Finally, this type of sauté pan requires specific maintenance: it cannot be cleaned with washing-up liquid and must be coated with oil after each use.

    Some tips for using and maintaining a Tefal frying pan

    To optimize the life of your sauté pan, it is advisable not to let it overheat on the baking sheet before adding your meats or vegetables, as you risk damaging the coating quickly.

    Most Tefal sauté pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is the same for their handle and cover without them deforming. If you bought a non-stick model, simply clean it with a sponge soaked in white vinegar which will easily remove grease residues. For neutralize odors, you just have to coat it with the juice of a quarter of a lemon.

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