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Moulinex Bread Machine Buying Guide

In order to increase the pleasure of making good homemade recipes, we should know that we can now bake our own bread at home thanks to the use of a breadmaker. This is a household appliance, also called a baking robot, which has been specially designed to help us prepare different types of bread and other recipes. It is composed of: a bowl, a resistance, a mould with a non-stick coating, metal propellers, a lid and a porthole. This gives it the possibility of playing the role of both a kneading machine and an oven. And here we are going to talk specifically about the moulinex breadmaker, which is one of the most popular and high-performance models on the market at the moment.

How do I use a moulinex bread maker?

Normally, a moulinex bread maker can prepare breads weighing between 500g and 1350g. To begin with, you need to plug the machine in first. Then you need to choose a recipe and put the ingredients in the pan in the order indicated in the manual. Note that the liquids must be poured in first. The next step is to choose the program and indicate the baking time. Here, the resistance will help for baking while the propellers will mix all the ingredients and then knead the dough. Among the breads that can be prepared with a moulinex bread maker, we can mention for example: standard breads, brioche breads, sweet breads, small cakes, wholemeal breads, quick breads, ultra-fast breads and French breads. As for the other programs, we can choose for example: a paw program without baking, but just to make dough.

How to choose a bread maker?

The choice of a breadmaker should be made according to the type of use, but also according to its characteristics. It is important to think first of all about the types of bread you want to prepare and also their size, as there are models of moulinex breadmakers that only have one bread size, just as there are moulinex breadmakers that offer two or three sizes. Then, it is important to check the appliance's functions. This is an opportunity to make a small comparison of some moulinex breadmakers, or even to carry out a test with a few products, so that we can deduce which version would be best suited to our needs. We should therefore pay particular attention to all the programs available on the appliance and the various settings.
The next criterion concerns the power of the appliance and its energy consumption. Since the time required to prepare a loaf of bread is at least one hour, it is therefore preferable to opt for a more economical but efficient model. Finally, the last thing to consider is the aesthetics of the appliance. Indeed, this normally depends on the material used to make the moulinex breadmaker, most of which is plastic or aluminium. Otherwise, we can also refer to its colour and dimensions. It should be remembered that as a household appliance, a moulinex breadmaker can play a decorative role in our kitchen, so a modern, unobtrusive and attractive model would be more advantageous. And some of the best moulinex breadmakers include: pain doré, pain pain pain, moulinex ow610100, moulinex ow500300, moulinex ow220830, bread baguette and bread ow.

A few tips for making bread with a moulinex bread maker

The success of our breads can be guaranteed by following certain guidelines for using the moulinex bread machine. Firstly, the order in which the ingredients are incorporated into the recipe must be respected. Secondly, water must be used at the right temperature, i.e. neither too hot nor too cold, while respecting the quantity of water indicated. And for the other ingredients, salt must be added precisely, the flours can be varied according to our choices and the yeast must be the right one for the preparation. It should be stressed that the shape of the breads can also change according to our desires and we should not hesitate to personalise the preparations. Finally, to ensure the taste of the breads, it is advisable to be patient and to respect the indicated preparation time. The bread is even tastier if it is left for a few minutes after baking before tasting it.

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