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Our selection of omega juice extractor

Omega Juice Extractor Buying Guide

The juice extractor is an essential appliance in the kitchen. It is not only a question of making fruit juices but also of other equally natural preparations such as pasta. Among the models that exist on the market, there is one that stands out in particular: the Omega juice extractor. This device is still available in several varieties just as interesting from each other. You will find in this comparison the necessary information as well as the real reasons which will not make you regret choosing this juice extractor.

Little reminder on the different categories of juice extractor

The juice extractor is divided into three main categories: the horizontal extractor, the vertical extractor and the manual extractor. The horizontal model has a lateral extraction system with the motor on one side and the evacuation of the juice and pulp on the other. In the middle is a pressing screw and a sieve.

The vertical model has a motor at the base, a bowl composed of two outlets, one for the juice and another for the pulp. The sieve and the pressing screw are inside this bowl which surmounts the motor. A rotating brush can be added to allow perfect cleaning of the device after use.

Finally, we find the manual juice extractor, which, in turn, is almost like the horizontal extractor but without motor. Instead there is a crank which is manipulated by hand. In other words, it is a simple device that does not require the use of electric current. What about the Omega juice extractor?

An overview of the Omega juice extractor

The Omega juice extractor has several models that are either horizontal or vertical. Recognized as one of the best brands in the world, many users have tested it and come away satisfied. As there are several Omega models on the market, one can sometimes wonder which one to choose.

The horizontal Omega juice extractor is available in several models. The device has a sieve for juice and a sieve for homogenization. To this are added the extraction nozzles which allow other preparations to be made, such as pasta.

For the vertical Omega juice extractor, we also find several models from which you can choose. Fruits, vegetables and herbs can be processed from these models. They have an excellent rotation speed which helps not to heat or denature the processed food.

Whether horizontal or vertical, the Omega juice extractor is very practical and has proven effectiveness. It can be dismantled easily and quickly with the possibility of good cleaning, an important criterion to preserve the durability of the device. Therefore, here is how to choose the best model of Omega juice extractor.

Choosing an Omega Juicer

There is no longer any question of choosing the brand since the comparison invites you to test the Omega model. However, since there are several types of Omega extractors, here are some criteria that you should not overlook when making your purchase. First of all, check the power of the engine which will determine the quality of the extraction. To this is added the speed of rotation which must be fast enough not to compress the food or heat it but also to limit the risk of oxidation.

Regarding the category, you have to choose according to your needs. For a specific juice extraction, the vertical model is suitable. If you want to make sorbets, pasta and purees at the same time, you can opt for the horizontal model.

Finally, to make the right choice, you must consider the accessories that accompany the device. Depending on the model, the accessories can vary by being more or less rich. Among the most important, you need to check if the device has a sieve with small holes, a sieve with large holes, a sieve for homogenization, nozzles for making pasta and finally a cleaning brush. This is important for your device to work properly for a long time. A well-cleaned appliance can also become more productive with a better yield in terms of the amount of juice produced from a specific quantity of food.

You are now better informed about the juice extractor in general and more particularly on the Omega juice extractor. You just have to make the purchase to be able to easily use this appliance. Remember that there is nothing better for your health than a good fresh juice made every day before consumption. The less the shelf life, the more likely you are to taste a healthy, balanced and of course delicious food.

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