What you need to know to properly equip your restaurant

Opening a restaurant involves a series of major decisions, including the purchase of equipment. The catering trade requires equipment that is professional, adapted and up to standard. However, it is not always easy to find oneself with the various options available on the market. An overview of professional equipment in the restaurant business.

Clearly define expectations before getting equipped

Any purchase of professional equipment for restaurants, as here on https://www.materiel-horeca.com is based on a meticulously studied project. The expectations of the establishment and the type of catering: snack bar, gourmet, fast food, bistro, etc. The equipment required depends on the type of dishes to be served, but also on the size of the establishment. The purchase of kitchen equipment is a major investment, you might as well make the right decisions from the startWhether it's a freezer that's too large, an unsuitable deep fryer or expensive utensils that are rarely used, there are many details that need to be considered. Equipment must also be robust and durable to represent a profitable investment over the years. From cooking equipment to food refrigeration, hygiene and cleaning appliances, the choice depends on the expectations of the establishment.

Equipping yourself with the essentials in the restaurant business

Although each catering trade has its own dedicated equipment, it is one of the essentials that can be found in any establishment. Professional catering equips himself in particular an oven, a stove, a refrigerated cabinet and water bath equipmentThe models are diversified for each category, so different are the needs. The oven is one of the must-haves for its numerous cooking options. Gas, steam, forced air, mixed or other, the appropriate model depends on the frequently prepared dishes. The stove is a must in professional kitchens, often offered with up to 8 burners. Whether for melting, cooking or reheating, the stove is indispensable. In addition, a water bath equipment remains the most versatile of the professional catering equipment, as it can be used to keep dishes hot, just as it can be used to cook them. As for cold equipment, the refrigerated cabinet is essential to complete the equipment. It is used to keep food fresh, but also to preserve preparations, and is a mandatory equipment in the catering industry. 

Observe storage recommendations

The conservation of fresh food and prepared dishes is rigorous in the restaurant business. There are numerous standards and recommendations to avoid any health incidents. It is mandatory for a restaurant owner to respect the rules of storage, whether dry or cold. The installation of a cold room and the purchase of adequate refrigeration equipment are necessary.The organisation of storage spaces also plays a major role in the preservation of food and foodstuffs. Storage temperatures and stock rotation must be optimal. Among the recommendations, the distinction between storage areas is essential. The upper floor of the cold room is dedicated to fragile foodstuffs such as cooked meats, ready-made meals and desserts. The intermediate floor is used to store raw meats and cold cuts. Finally, the lower floor is designed to store fruit and vegetables.