Choosing the right fryer for successful fries

Double cooking, progressive cooking, or the famous oil-free recipe, fries are now suitable for all delicacies. We like crispy fries with a melting heart. To be successful, you must respect the recipe, but also choose the right fryer. Overview of the selection criteria and cooking methods to enjoy excellent homemade fries.

On what criteria should you base your choice of fryer?

The ideal fryer is one that allows you to prepare fries for the whole family, like the Seb Actifry fryer. Ability plays a big part in the choice, including XXL models can make 1 kg of fries. It is possible to turn to smaller volumes for couples without children or singles.

Otherwise, an adjustable thermostat is practical to be able to adjust the temperature as needed. This option is necessary for the cooking fries, especially for progressive cooking or double cooking. Power is taken into account to avoid heating time. A 2000 watt minimum fryer is recommended for searing crisp and tasty fries.

The cooking time also influences the quality of the fries obtained, hence the importance of a fryer with timer. Generally visible on a digital display, the remaining cooking time allows you to monitor its preparation. Nevertheless, a audible alarm warns when cooking is finished. French fries are generally prepared from 150 ° C to 190 ° C.

Two essential points should also be noted: stainless steel with a cold zone and the removable tank.

  • The cold zone is necessary so as not to carbonize the residues and keep the oil clean.
  • The removable bowl, for its part, helps to easily get rid of residues, while simplifying maintenance.

For most models, the tub fits directly into the dishwasher.

What types of fryer to choose?

There are several types of fryers on the market: classic, semi-professional and oil-free generation.

  • A classic model has basic functions and simplified use: oil heating resistance and a removable tank, supplemented by an odor-proof cover.
  • A semi-professional device is characterized by its basket and its cold zone to collect residues and keep the oil clean and healthy.
  • More and more fries lovers are now turning to the oil-free fryer. It seduces both by the lightness of its fries and by its 3 % fat.

For cooking, the appliance operates via hot air blown into the tank. Just cook the fries with a single tablespoon of oil. Ease of maintenance is one of the many advantages of this new generation of oil-free fryers. Some models even incorporate a plate for cooking other foods at the same time, like meat or fish. Nothing beats a multifunction device that saves time while enjoying your favorite fried foods. It's easy to have fun with a powerful and versatile fryer.