Rice soup, a delicious and very nutritious hot starter!

If you're looking for another idea for a dish to cook at home, why not try a rice soup. It's a simple recipe, but it's very rich in flavour and nutrients. What's more, the ingredients you use with it are easy to find on the market and are inexpensive, mainly: vegetables, rice, spices, water and oil. Note that this recipe is specialized in a few countries, which is why you'll most likely hear about Madagascan rice soup, Chinese rice soup, Japanese rice soup or Vietnamese rice soup. The other advantage with this dish is that you can customize it to your liking and thus make it a creative cooking idea.

How to make rice soup well?

To start preparing a basic rice soup, you have to take all the vegetables you have and wash and peel them, including: carrots, leeks, potatoes and zucchini. Then you have to cut them into slices so that they are about the same size. Then you have to take a frying pan and fry them in butter for a few minutes. The aim is to sauté them without them changing colour. To continue, you have to pour boiled water or broth over the vegetables. And only afterwards you have to add the rice as well as the other toppings, including: pepper, garlic, salt, thyme, onion, tomatoes, bay leaf, chives and parsley. The whole thing has to be cooked for about 20 minutes. Before finishing, if you want to put fresh cream or egg yolk in your soup, it is time to beat them and dice them.

Find ideas to personalize your rice soup!

Rice soup is one of the hot appetizers you can serve in any season, whether it is winter or summer. There are no fixed preparation rules for the recipe, as you can add all the ingredients you want as long as the basic ingredients are there. This is what calls for your creativity in the kitchenAlternatively, you can get inspiration from magazines or online so you can mix and match preparation tips and personalize your dish. Some of the best rice soups on the net include: Chicken Rice Soup, Lentil Rice Soup, Vegetable Lamb Rice Soup, Beef Rice Soup, Cheese Rice Soup, Rice Soup with Milk, Bean Rice Soup, Pea Rice Soup and Ginger Rice Soup. If you've noticed, these recipes either have meat added or other vegetables or spices added to differentiate them. So it's up to you to prepare your own recipe And don't forget the presentation at the end, because it can make your guests' mouths water as soon as they see your creationIn short, try to concoct a beautiful and tasty dish.