How to choose your ice cream maker?

All year round, ice cream is an essential ally for sorbet and ice cream lovers, and to be able to enjoy this marvel every time without breaking the bank, it is best to buy a high-performance, easy-to-use ice cream machine.

The different types of ice machines

Today, thanks to the constant evolution of technology, a wide choice of ice machines is available on the market, offering you the choice between the ice cream maker and the ice turbineHowever, before you start buying your product, make sure you find the best equipment. To do this, rely on a specialist in the field to acquire LA Italian ice-cream maker This advice is valid if you are looking for a machine to make sorbets or ice cream, among other things.

As far as the ice cream maker is concerned, it is an essential equipment for those who love ice cream or sorbets. Composed of a removable bowl and a mixer, this type of machine stands out for its ease of use, its compactness and its capacity to keep your preparation intact for up to two weeksThis space-saving machine is perfect for consumers with a limited budget, but who want to make ice cream from time to time.

As for the ice turbine, this equipment is ideal for large families who wish to make their own ice cream recipe in record time Equipped with a refrigerating motor, this type of machine is easy to use. With its various options, you can even concoct all sorts of recipes: Italian ice cream, vanilla ice cream, three flavours and many more.

Criteria for choosing an ice machine

To make your own ice cream or sorbet recipeit is necessary to opt for equipment that is first and foremost adapted to your needs, but also to your budget.

If you have chosen the ice cream maker, the first criterion to take into account is its qualityIndeed, a top-of-the-range ice cream maker is probably more efficient than a cheaper one. And there are some optional functions that you won't find in other models (automatic switch-off, timer, electronic display...), but which will contribute to the success of your preparation. You must then focus on tank capacity which varies depending on the model (between 0.8 litres and 2 litres). The power is also to be considered for the realization of an ice cream.

Furthermore, if you wish to invest in an ice turbine, its strength and power are the criteria to be considered first, as it is a machine designed to prepare Italian ice cream or ice creams at any time. You must then take into account its capacity and accessories Finally, the size of your appliance should not be neglected, especially if you don't have enough space. In this case, it is better to opt for compact models to optimize your interior.