How to make a success of your coffee?

You drink it every morning, and even at the office. But, you want to know how to prepare it yourself and always have the same flavors with each cup of coffee. You should know that making coffee is within everyone's reach as long as there are the prerequisites in hand.

You can have either coffee beans, water and an automatic coffee machine, or coffee beans, hot water and a grinder. You can also use instant coffee, which you pour into hot water. Otherwise, you can opt for pods or coffee capsules in the case of a coffee machine. So you can make coffee in different ways. However, the taste depends entirely on the process used.

Investing in an espresso machine

To make great tasty and tasty coffee, the baristas will tell you that you will never have quality coffee with a coffee machine. It is for this reason that many people opt for coffee shops.

To have a successful espresso that will delight your taste buds, you need to pay yourself an espresso machine that works with flexible pods (e.g. Nespresso capsules). The investment can be substantial, but you will see that your purchase was worth the small expense of a few hundred euros.

Coffee machines, and especially espresso machines, require an adjustment depending on the dosage of the grind, the amount of hot water for each cup and the duration of extraction. You will have a few missed cups before you find the right recipe for successful coffee.

If you don't have the patience to compose your “absolute coffee”, Nespresso coffee machines are the devices that come closest to the machines used in coffee shops. The Nespresso capsules are dosed so that your Nespresso machine prepares you a real concentrate of aromas in the mouth with each sip.

Be satisfied with a filter coffee

Filter coffee is another coffee different from espresso, because it is made in a filter coffee maker. Purists do not like its slightly tart aftertaste with a hint of bitterness that mixes with the taste of the filter. Between the risk of overheating the water and using the wrong grind, the chances of making good coffee with a filter coffee maker are minimal.

However, you can make a success of it by being careful to make your filter coffee in the traditional way, by hand. For ground coffee, watch the fineness of the grind that you prepare from beans from a roaster. This is where your hands come in, because you're going to have to grind the coffee beans in a coffee grinder.

For hot water, wait two minutes after boiling to always have an exact temperature for each cup preparation.

Make with the French press

The French press is the essential tool for coffee lovers. It is a simple device in its design and allowing you to have an exact quantity of water for each preparation that you will make. If a French press can only hold one liter of hot water, you must prepare your coffee from large, regular-sized grounds. Again, you're going to have to get your hands on it or get the right grind from a barista.