The delicatessen gift box, the perfect gift par excellence

An original gift is a present that you wouldn't think of at first glance. The delicatessen gift box gives you a wide choice of gourmet products to offer. Here are some good reasons why you should think about it. 

A corporate gift to stand out

For companies, the end of the year usually coincides with the time when they seek to please their customers and employees, to thank some for their trust and to ensure the loyalty of others, the delicatessen box remains a gift of choice.

This gift will allow you to refrain from offering mugs, calendars and other agents, ideas that are always exploited and which have the merit of lacking originality.

An exceptional gift for more pleasure

For individuals, opportunities to thank a loved one may arise at any time. When moving where your friends will have been invaluable...After a difficult time surrounded by your loved ones or when your parents are taking care of your children during a trip. 

For all these occasions, the delicatessen box is a perfect gift, first for its originality and then for its authenticity. You can compose your selection of exceptional products and send them to the dedicated person in a packaging that allows them to keep all their freshness, with elegance. 

For moments of shared greediness

Whether the recipient of the delicatessen box is rather salty or prefers sweet flavours, the advantage is that you can make your delicatessen basket according to your preferences. 

From all kinds of chocolate biscuits to carefully selected jams and jars of foie gras and rillettes, the grocery box is a discovery of gourmet pleasure. 

For an aperitif with friends, but also for tasty pleasures on your own, your box lends itself to all kinds of fantasies, giving you the opportunity to taste traditional dishes, but also creations that you will enjoy sharing with your loved ones.