Delicatessen, a booming sector

In order to face competition, especially from large food groups, independent delicatessen specialists are competing creatively to implement an effective marketing strategy. The main objective is to boost their business and toachieve their objectives more quicklyTo do so, they offer both local products directly from local producers and imported high-end food products.

The delicatessen market in figures

Tea and coffee, chocolate, condiments, caviar, smoked salmon and foie gras, among others, the market for high-end food products is doing wonderfully well. It even seems that it has not been affected by the crisis. In France, the land of good food, the delicatessen market is still in constant evolution, with nearly 5,300 registered vendors The French population is at the top of the list in the gastronomy sector, with a tenfold increase in the volume of purchases of fresh or dry products during festive periods. The turnover is estimated at more than 8 billion per yearwhich prompts operators to open new delicatessens.

According to experts' forecasts, by 2022, the turnover of large groups would increase by 3%, compared with 2.5% for small independent businesses. To face competition, these professionals are counting on theinnovation in physical and virtual store concepts and productsIt should be noted that for 36% of them, savoury groceries (delicatessen, pasta, terrines, cheese and seafood products, among others) represent a sure value. However, sweet groceries are not to be outdone (biscuits, honey, jam, caramel and other sweets or dried fruits). The rising targets are mainly Millenials (18 to 34 years old) and young seniors (55 to 70 years old). The clientele is divided into 3 typical profiles, in particular :

  •                Amateur gourmets representing 7%
  •                The discerning gourmets which make up 32%
  •                Curious gourmets representing 53%

All types of clientele, gourmands and gourmets alike, will be served with a wide selection of high-end regional and out-of-town productsThe most demanding taste buds will be delighted during aperitifs with the range of exceptional products available, such as crisps, biscuits, rillettes, bottles of rum to concoct homemade cocktails, etc.

The advantages of online delicatessen shopping

Attractive prices, easy to buy, secure payment method and fast deliveryThese are the main advantages offered by professionals specialising in the distribution of delicatessen products such as The attic of Marie and AnaïsAdvisors are available at all times thanks to a chat service to guide customers who wish to purchase online, or to answer any questions or provide more information about a specific product or products.

By doing your virtual grocery shoppingyou enjoy other benefits such as :

  •                A wide choice of quality delicatessen products
  •                Promotions recurrent
  •                The possibility of run errands at any timebecause the platform is accessible 24/7.
  •                The possibility of get consumer feedback by consulting their testimonials on the website