Culinary specialties in Lyon

Once you know the basics of Lyon's specialities, it's high time to familiarise yourself with the typical dishes of Lyon's restaurants. As for France in general, and for Lyon in particular, the typical main meal of the Lyonnais will consist of an aperitif, a main course, a side dish and a dessert.

The entries

Poultry liver salad : salad with fried chicken liver

Canut brain A cheese spread. The dish has a base of cottage cheese, seasoned with chopped herbs, shallots, salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar.

Tripe soup (pumpkin soup): nowadays mainly served in corks.

Head cheese (pork with head cheese) - and the surprise here. Head cheese isn't what you think it is. It's not a dairy cheese, but a terrine or jelly made from the flesh of a calf's or pig's head, or less commonly sheep's or cow's head. It's a type of deli meats.

Donkey Groscias Salad (literally, "donkey snout" salad): bacon and egg salad.

Pickled herring

Chop Salad (Sheep's feet salad)

Calf's head (poached calf's head): usually made from beef, veal or calf brains.

Lyonnaise Salad : green salad served with bacon, croutons, mustard vinaigrette and a poached egg.

Poultry cake (Chicken liver cake)

Black pudding : black pudding, usually served with hot apples.

Pork Piglet rosette, jesus, sausage are different types of air-cooked pork.

Lyonnaise onion soup : an onion soup (of course 😉 )

Artichoke bottoms foie gras

Lyon sausage brioche it's the sausage cooked in a bun.

Cooked sausage (cooked sausage): this is a large boiled sausage that may contain pistachios or truffles and is served with boiled potatoes and butter.

Tripe Ă  la lyonnaise : gratin of tripe fried in thin strips of onion and garlic and toasted in the oven with the breadcrumbs. It is usually served with mashed potatoes.

The cardoon to the marrow is a very typical vegetable prepared au gratin with a kind of cream béchamel and flavoured with bone marrow.

You can find all these specialities in meal trays, Gourmet's Lyon.

Main course

Quenelles (ground fish dumplings): a mixture of minced and creamed fish, chicken or meat, sometimes combined with breadcrumbs, with a light egg binding. It is the most famous, popular and typical meal of the Lyonnais region. It takes a lot of time and is difficult to make, so watch how the real chef prepares them.

Coq au vin : chicken, herbs and vegetables cooked in a Burgundy wine sauce; very popular in Lyon

Sapper's apron Breadcrumbs : a part of the beef stomach which has a typical honeycomb shape, boiled and marinated in white wine before being breaded with breadcrumbs

Pot au feu : French stew made from beef meat such as oxtail or marrow with turnips, potatoes, leeks, celery and carrots

Bresse Chicken with Morels or Bresse Chicken in Cream Sauce (Chicken Thighs Stuffed with Morels or Chicken in Cream Sauce) based on Bresse Chicken located near Lyon and it is therefore his speciality

These dishes are also part of the specialities that you will find in Lyon's platters.