Give your old cutlery a new look

makeover old cutlery

Over time and with use, cutlery easily loses its lustre and can become dull and unattractive to use. There are many tips for recycling and creative hobbies can help to achieve good results. So you can easily customise your cutlery by using Fimo paste to decorate the handles with floral or small animal motifs. A good dose of creativity can make a beautiful presentation but you can achieve this by following these few tips.

Customize your cutlery: tips to keep in mind

In order to personalize the cutlery and thus use it as home decoration elements, the following material will be necessary:
- A dough rolling mill
- Green Fimo paste to decorate the sleeves, and other colours according to the desired result.
- A scalpel or a sharp knife to cut out
- A knife.
- A fork
For start rollingThe next step is to level the edges by shaving off the right angles on the sides to make a clean edge. This will ensure that the custom cutlery is stable in the hand and will not slip. It is very important to follow these steps to ensure that the final result is as expected.

Rethink its decoration

For the rest of this creative leisureThis involves wrapping the dough around the handles of the different pieces of cutlery. The edges of the cutlery should then be evenly rolled up so that they lie next to each other. If it is a fork, for example, the coating must take account of its shape, as it is often not straight. Decorations can be applied at this stage to give the cutlery a personal look. To make the coils, you just need to make a thin sausage out of the dough and shape it into a shape.
The final touch to the customization is the final decorations. To do this, simply place the coils on the handles of the cutlery to be relooked without forgetting the decorations. Depending on the desired theme, the decorations can be customized with shapes or other colours, to create a beautiful harmony more easily.
In the end, if you have cutlery that is beginning to lose its lustre or no longer feels like using it, customisation is the best thing to do. It consists of decorating the handles of the different pieces of cutlery with Fimo polymer clay. The most important thing is to find the right inspiration and creative ideas A visit to sites dealing with this theme can help you find tips that you can easily reproduce yourself. It is up to each person to use those that best suit their tastes.