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Stainless steel couscoussier buying guide

Do you want to vary the dishes you prepare at home? Opt for specialties from other countries such as couscous. This semolina, the dish of which originates from the Maghreb, is almost now part of French cuisine. But to make it correctly, you need the right utensil, namely a stainless steel couscoussier. Why choose this utensil for your couscous cooking? What are the advantages ? How to choose the best model and what makes couscous so special? Here are some answers that will be of great help to you.

Couscous in a few words

Originally, the term "couscous" is used to designate the seed, that is to say the semolina of a plant from East Africa, particularly the Maghreb. Today, it designates both semolina and the dish that is prepared with thanks to steaming. This dish appeared in the Maghreb around the 7th century with an artisanal preparation of semolina and steam cooking using an earthenware dish placed above a pot filled with boiling water.

Later, couscous spread around the world, especially in Western countries, with semolina making on an industrial basis. It is not possible to define exactly when the couscous entered France. Some works by famous authors like Rabelais mention this dish in their stories. All we know is that couscous has become one of the favorite dishes of the French and that to taste this exquisite flavor, you need to have a good quality couscous. Generally, couscous is served with vegetable broth or meat.

The couscous maker in a few words

The couscoussier is a device with two stacked containers separated by a pierced basket and a glass cover. If the lower part is dedicated to cooking the main ingredients with steam emission, the upper part allows to cook couscous or another dish with steam. If you are making couscous, you can put the vegetables and the meat underneath.

The hermetic lid system helps to preserve the juices and cooking juices and permeate the couscous. The latter then begins to swell when cooked.

The couscous maker can be made of aluminium, iron or stainless steel. As far as cooking is concerned, it can integrate all types of fires, especially the induction hob. Now we can turn to the stainless steel couscous maker, which is the main subject of this post. By doing a test, you will discover the advantages of this utensil. Before that, you can see the advantages.

The advantages of the stainless steel couscous maker

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium. This allows the stainless steel utensil to be placed on the induction. Sometimes the alloy also consists of nickel, which adds even more robustness to the utensil. Otherwise, the mention “stainless steel” on certain models of couscoussier can put you in confusion. Rest assured, this is stainless steel.

For starters, the stainless couscoussier is very resistant with a long life. Durability can go up to 25 years or more. Then, there is the homogeneous diffusion of heat which allows a soft and fast cooking. Thus, you combine flavor with economy since at the same time, you reduce your energy consumption thanks to rapid cooking.

In addition, the stainless couscoussier does not stick at all. By using it, you do not risk in any case having to take off the food from inside the cookware. This makes cleaning easier. It is also useless to put fat as the food is not likely to stick.

In addition, the capacity of this utensil is quite large, up to 15 liters depending on the model. Thus, the couscoussier allows you to prepare dishes for several. If there are many of you or if you often receive guests, couscoussier is the ideal tool.

Finally, from an aesthetic point of view, you can trust stainless couscoussier since it can very well resemble your kitchen whatever the style. You just need to choose a good location, because the device is quite robust.

What are the different types of couscous makers?

There are different types of couscous maker, from the most traditional to the most modern models.

The traditional couscous maker

The traditional model is handcrafted. It is made of terracotta, composed of alfa from Taourit, a desert herb used in basketry, lined with a cloth to steam semolina. This traditional terracotta couscous model features hand-painted oriental ornaments. Other models can be made of copper, but this is rare.

Terracotta has many benefits such as preserving the flavor of food and slow cooking. However, it remains a fragile material and little recommended if you do not adhere to the ultra slow rise in temperature. The rustic side of this type of pot is also very popular in Europe.

The electric couscous maker

The electric couscoussier is a recent model. It is a versatile cooking pot for making many dishes such as couscous of course, but also tajines, steamed dishes, stews, etc. This model is modern. Equipped with a timer and a thermostat, it also keeps your dishes warm. Using this type of couscoussier is easy and practical, but care must be taken regarding its maintenance to avoid damaging its bottom and the electrical circuit.

The stainless steel couscous maker

The stainless steel couscoussier is the most popular on the market. It has many advantages such as durability, solidity, but also compatibility with all types of two, including induction. Its use is within everyone's reach and its maintenance is easy. It is also a type of couscoussier whose prices are within the reach of all budgets.

What is advantageous in the use of a stainless steel couscoussier is also the fact that the material allows a homogeneous diffusion of heat. The cooking of your dish is then quick, without losing its flavor.

Finally, be aware that the stainless steel couscoussier allows a healthy and beneficial method of cooking for health, because you will not have to add fat. Food easily peels off the walls and bottom, which also makes it easier to clean the stainless steel pot.

The design of the stainless steel couscous maker is attractive. The material gives a sober but classy look. Moreover, if you opt for a glass lid, you will win a couscous maker in pure and stylish stainless steel.

The induction couscous maker

The induction couscoussier is a model specially designed to be compatible with induction hobs. However, this reference is also suitable for other types of lights. The induction couscoussier is not yet a widespread model on the market. In addition, it can cost slightly more than other types of couscous.

The criteria for choosing a stainless couscoussier

Certain criteria must be taken into account so that you can make a better choice of stainless steel couscoussier. This is the material, the capacity or the dimensions of your utensil. You will be able to make your comparison according to your needs. But what are these selection criteria?

The capacity

A couscoussier is chosen according to its capacity. Indeed, there are dedicated models for different needs in terms of volume of couscous to be cooked. You will then choose according to your usual quantity of dish to prepare. If it is for everyday use, you can opt for a couscous model for 2 to 6 people. If you want a couscoussier for specific events, and therefore for several guests, there are models for more than 6 people, up to 20 people. The capacity of couscoussier is expressed in liters. Small models are from 2 liters to 8 liters. XXL couscoussier models range from 12 liters to 100 liters.

The material

The material used to make your couscoussier is a factor that determines its robustness, and its quality in general. The choice in terms of composition of this utensil is manifold on the market. Some are made of earth, like the traditional couscoussier models, others are made of stone, copper, but also stainless steel. The latter is acclaimed for the many advantages it offers.

In fact, the stainless steel couscous pan is stainless, resists corrosion, is more hygienic, very robust, requires no maintenance in particular, is antistatic, but also weldable. In addition, stainless steel is interesting insofar as it resists temperature variations. You will benefit from opting for this material when choosing your couscoussier.

The heat source

When choosing couscoussier, you must also check that the model is compatible with all lights. Normally, a stainless steel model works very well with different heat sources when it comes to cooking. However, if you have opted for a traditional terracotta couscoussier, you must check with the manufacturer if the model is suitable for an induction hob for example. Be aware that there are models of induction couscoussier for those who prefer this method of cooking.

The diameter

In addition to the capacity of your couscoussier, you must also check its diameter. This last parameter is necessary because it depends on the dimensions of your hob. It is not practical to choose a large couscoussier when your hobs are unable to accommodate it. The majority of the couscoussiers on the market have a diameter which varies from 24 cm to 28 cm. It's up to you to adapt your choice according to your needs.

The lid

The choice of the type of cover for your stainless steel couscous pan is important. Some people like to get a taste of how their food is cooked. In this case, a glass cover model is suitable. You can indulge in cooking monitoring without having to lift your lid. It can also be a purely aesthetic choice. Some people opt for a completely stainless steel cover to avoid the fragile side of the glass and risk damaging their utensil. Indeed, stainless steel being a solid material, even in the event of a fall or scratch, the cover is not likely to be damaged.

How to use a couscous maker?

The use of a couscoussier is not complicated, even if at first glance, you can be mistaken. The preparation of this succulent dish that is couscous does not require you to be a starred chef, nor a real cordon bleu. Couscous is available to everyone, provided you know how to handle the dedicated kitchen utensil that is couscous.

Right after purchase, the first thing to do when you unpack your couscoussier is to read the instructions for use. You can learn about the use, maintenance, but also the usual precautions. You will avoid false manipulation. The couscoussier user guide may also contain succulent couscous recipe ideas. Before using your pot for the first time, remember to wash it with clean water and washing-up liquid.

To make the couscous dish, take the dedicated pot and put the vegetable and meat broth to cook in the lower part. All you have to do is pour the semolina into the upper compartment. You will see that the cooking will be done gradually thanks to the steam given off by the broth which crosses the colander. The cooking will then be done simultaneously.

It should be noted that a stainless steel couscoussier can also be used for steaming other foods. Just put water to boil and arrange the dishes to cook on the colander. The heat of the boiling water will be directed directly to the food and then cooked. This cooking method is healthy and keeps all the benefits of each food. In addition to steaming, couscoussier is also used to make soups of all kinds.

How to maintain a couscous maker?

Maintaining a couscoussier is not difficult. It is enough to wash the utensil as you usually wash your pots. Using a dishwashing liquid and clear water, sponge your pot. When all the dirt is gone, all you have to do is rinse it off and you're done.

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