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Difficult to make a choice for your new Induction Relay Disc? We wrote this Special buying guide for Relay Induction Discs to help you, with the TOP10 best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions... As in all our shopping guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Induction Relay Drive!

Our selection of induction relay discs

Induction relay disc buying guide

How to choose the best induction relay disc?

For trouble-free and long-term use, choose your induction relay disk, referring to the handle. Make sure it stays cool, and therefore handy, throughout its use. Put an end to the uncertainties, by opting for a model whose handle is covered with a non-heat conductive coating.

Also called adapter disc, the junction point between the handle and this one is also to be taken into account in your comparison. It must not exceed the horizontal plane of the relay disc, which will allow you to put dishes whose diameter is larger than that of the adapter disc. To guard against disappointments related to this particular concern, you can also make your choice in the radius of relay discs with removable handle. Our test with an adapter disc that is 24cm in diameter confirms that we can heat food very well in a container, the diameter of which is 28cm or more. The advantage of a removable handle also lies in the ease of storage and washing.

The material of manufacture of the relay disc

The manufacturing material of the relay disc is also to be included in your selection criteria. Many models from major brands have a stainless steel relay disc. A non-stick material that allows you to heat food directly on the adapter disc. However, it is better to avoid models with a tray with a "grooved" texture. Indeed, their aesthetic appearance does not compensate for the chore of cleaning after each use. Best of all, a stainless steel disc is unlikely to tarnish or discolour, even for frequent use.

Very often, a stainless steel disc is embellished with an aluminum storage layer, which gives you significant energy savings. On this point, you can also make your choice on models whose adapter disc has small supports at its lower surface. These then ensure contact with the induction hob. A layout very suitable for induction and which promises you a very reasonable quality of heating, with the key a net reduction in heat losses.

The advantages of a 18TP 1T stainless steel disc

If you are looking for an induction adapter with a diffuser base identical to that of a Dutch oven, opt for a model with an 18 % stainless steel disc. Certainly, this choice will especially avoid scratches on the induction cooker or a ceramic hob. You will then be free from the tedious task of cleaning up frustrating traces to say the least, before using your induction appliance again. The practical aspect of an 18 % stainless steel disc also lies in the fact that, unlike an aluminum disc, it cools down very quickly after use.

What about an aluminum tray?

In addition, to take advantage of a rapid broadcast time, consider turning to a device whose adapter disc is made of cast aluminum. The quality of heating meets the appointment, even with kitchen utensils whose bottom is a little thick. Asian food lovers? You probably have a number of Wok pans in your kitchen. Know that the aluminum tray is best suited for this type of utensils all fires including induction. As a bonus, you will benefit from a disconcerting ease of maintenance. Indeed, the aluminum tray passes without worry in the dishwasher. However, when purchasing, remember to refer to the model of your induction cooktop. If you have the one with the automatic standby function, you'd better stick to an adapter with a stainless steel or stainless steel tray. Indeed, the aluminum plate heats up too quickly, to the point of turning off the induction hob in a premature manner.

One-size-fits-all utensil

An induction relay disc allows you to use your classic pans on an induction hob from major brands such as Tefal, Brandt, Dietrich or Electrolux. This very special small appliance is effectively suitable for all types of materials, ranging from glass, to copper, including ceramic and ceramic hob. Your stainless steel coffee maker, your earthenware tagine dish, or even your non-induction pressure cooker will not be outdone. Thanks to this induction disc, you will not have to store your non-induction pressure cooker in the back of your closet. Occasionally, you can also break the routine, by doing without your traditional induction cookware in enameled steel or enameled cast steel.

To generate significant savings

The use of the induction relay disc can also be motivated by pecuniary reasons. Indeed, when changing the hob, you will not have to change your entire pan battery. The adapter disc will then serve as a relay between the induction plate and the latter, so that you can continue to use them.

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