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Our selection of built-in combination microwaves

Built-in combined microwave purchase guide

The microwave oven is one of the household appliances that are revolutionizing the world of cooking. In fact, the majority of French households are equipped with them. It comes in several variants, including the microwave combi built-inThis accessory has won over many with its versatility and performance. The only concern is that with so many to choose from, it's hard to find the best model. We also sometimes wonder why the microwave combi built-in In this buying and testing guide, we will discuss not only the strong points of this model, but also the selection criteria that should not be overlooked when choosing this type of equipment. We will also compare the best microwave combi inserts.

A built-in combination microwave, what's that?

In principle, there are three types of microwaves. The classic model (classic microwave) performs the most basic tasks. In other words, it is only used to heat meals. As its name suggests, the grill microwave has a grill function. With this kitchen equipment, it is quite possible to make gratins and pizzas. Resulting from an assembly of traditional oven and microwave (grill and classic), the combined microwave offers the best in terms of performance and ergonomics. Among the 3 models, this is the most developed. The proof is that it has a fan-assisted cooking system enabling it to perform various missions (defrosting, heating, cooking?).
The microwave combi built-in Ideally fits under a worktop, high up and in a kitchen cabinet.

The advantages of a built-in combination microwave

If the microwave combi built-in is so popular with households because it has many advantages. Here are four of them.

An aesthetic and discreet household appliance

In terms of aesthetics, built-in combination microwaves are beyond reproach. They have been meticulously designed to provide consumers with outstanding performance at all times. These appliances blend seamlessly with the décor of designer kitchens. Most models also fit into traditional kitchens. In any case, one thing is certain: a kitchen equipped with a microwave combi built-in is more pleasing to the eye.

Great versatility

With a microwave combi built-inThe possibilities are more or less endless, for example, you can make roast chicken to spice up your family celebrations and Christmas Eve. The rotating heat provides perfect, even cooking so that you can create the dishes of your choice with panache. In addition, the reheating and defrosting functions make everyone happy.

The built-in combination microwave, a practical and easy to use accessory

This kitchen equipment is equipped with the best technology available and its various features make it practical. For example, you can start cooking unattended, program the microwave for reheating and use it to grill meat. Although the appliance comes with a manual, it is extremely easy to use: just regulate the temperature, place the food to be cooked or heated in it and you're ready to go.

Saving space

Unlike traditional ovens and free-standing models, the microwave combi inserts If you have a small kitchen, this appliance will suit you perfectly. The trick is to find the best location so that it is as beneficial as possible. Of course, this aspect will have to be studied before purchase. Here again, you have the choice between a piece of furniture or under a worktop.

Choosing the right built-in combination microwave

Intuition is an inescapable part of any equipment purchase. However, if you want to find the best equipment for your business, you need to be intuitive. microwave combi built-inthe following parameters will have to be taken into account.

The power of the microwave

Measured in watts, the power of the microwave determines its performance. Ideally, a 1200-watt model should be chosen. It does not consume much energy and is less bulky than a microwave combi built-in 1700 watts. The latter is mainly intended for regular use, while the 600 watt to 900 watt models are ideal for occasional use.

Its size and capacity

Even if it is designed and built-in, a large combination microwave will always take up more space in a kitchen. As for the capacity, it will depend on the number of people. If you are single, a microwave combi built-in For more than 2 people, 22, 26, 34 or 42 litre models are required.

The different functionalities

The features differ from model to model. The best microwave combi built-in is sure to be the one that offers the best functions, including appliances with a self-cooking program and automatic cleaning system. The steam cooking and programming options are also very interesting.

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