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Our selection of built-in combination microwaves

Built-in combination microwave buying guide

The microwave oven is one of those appliances that are revolutionizing the world of cooking. In fact, the majority of French households are equipped with them. It comes in several variations, including the microwave combi built-in. This accessory has conquered more than one because of its versatility and performance. The only worry is that with so many choices, it's hard to find the best model. We also sometimes wonder why the microwave combi built-in would be the best alternative. In this buying and testing guide, we will discuss not only the strong points of this model, but also the selection criteria that should not be overlooked when choosing this type of equipment. We will also make a comparison between the best microwave combi inserts.

A built-in combination microwave, what's that?

In principle, there are three types of microwaves. The classic model (classic microwave) performs the most basic tasks. In other words, it is only used for heating meals. As indicated by his name, the microwave grill has a grill function. With this kitchen equipment, it is quite possible to make gratins and pizzas. Resulting from an assembly of a traditional oven and a microwave (grill and classic), the combination microwave offers the very best in terms of performance and ergonomics. Of the 3 models, this is the most developed. The proof is that it has a rapid fan-assisted cooking system allowing it to perform various tasks (defrosting, heating, cooking?).

The microwave combi built-in ideally finds its place under a worktop, at height and in a kitchen cabinet.It is also installed in a column on the top or on the bottom of a conventional oven in general.In addition, the simple fact that the device is built-in gives it foolproof stability, especially when opening the side door.At times, in fact, this operation may cause the device to move, if it is of the conventional type.Moreover, installed in a column, a cooking appliance of this type leaves no space between it and its support.Virtually nothing can infiltrate below the device.When it comes to cleaning a built-in oven, you won't have to move it, unlike a model to put on a kitchen counter.

The advantages of a built-in combination microwave

If the microwave combi built-in is so popular with households, it is because it has many advantages. Here are four of them.

An aesthetic and discreet household appliance

Aesthetically speaking, built-in combination microwaves are flawless. They have been meticulously designed to offer consumers outstanding performance at all times. This equipment blends seamlessly with the decor of designer kitchens. Most models can also be adapted to traditional kitchens. In any case, one thing is certain, a kitchen equipped with a microwave combi built-in is more pleasing to the eye.

Great versatility

With a microwave combi built-inthe possibilities are more or less infinite. For example, you can make roast chicken to spice up your family celebrations and Christmas Eve. The rotating heat offers a perfect and homogenous cooking, allowing you to make the dishes of your choice with brilliance. And the reheating and defrosting functions make everyone happy.

The built-in combination microwave, a practical and easy to use accessory

This kitchen equipment is equipped with the best technology available. Its various functionalities make it practical. For example, it is possible to start unattended cooking, program the microwave for reheating and use it to grill meat. Although the appliance comes with a manual, it is extremely easy to use. Simply regulate the temperature, place the food to be cooked or heated in it and you're done.

Saving space

Unlike traditional ovens and free-standing models, the microwave combi inserts allow a considerable space saving. If you have a small kitchen, this appliance will suit you perfectly. The trick is to find the best location to make it as beneficial as possible. Of course, this aspect will have to be studied in advance before purchase. Here again, you have the choice between a piece of furniture or under a worktop.

Choosing the right built-in combination microwave

Intuition is something you can't escape when you want to buy any kind of equipment. On the other hand, if you want to find the best... microwave combi built-inthe following parameters will have to be taken into account.

The power of the microwave

Measured in watts, the power of the microwave determines its performance. Ideally, a 1200-watt model would be the best choice. It doesn't consume much energy and is less bulky than a microwave combi built-in 1700 watts. The latter is mainly intended for regular use, while the 600 watt to 900 watt models are ideal for occasional use.

Its size and capacity

Even if it is designer and built-in, a large microwave combination will always clutter up a kitchen. As for the capacity, it will depend on the number of people. If you are single, a built-in microwave grill 20 liters will do just fine. For more than 2 people, 22-liter, 26-liter, 34-liter or 42-liter models should be provided.

The size of the turntable should also be taken into account. Indeed, on the market there are models of different sizes. It is good to know that the diameters of the plates are variable in order to adapt to various types of dishes. Models intended for individual use generally have a tray that is 20 cm in diameter from the tray. Others, more geared towards family use, are equipped with a turntable up to 40 cm.

The different functionalities

Functionality differs from one model to another. The best microwave combi built-in will surely be the one that offers the best functions. These include multi-function appliances with a self-cooking program and an automatic cleaning system. The steam cooking and programming options are also very interesting. Several models available on the market have a timer allowing you to program the cooking time of your dishes. Others, on the other hand, can be configured to make a specific recipe, with the presence of automatic programs.

The type of door

You should know that the door is an important element in this type of microwave oven. In this context, the ideal is to choose a model equipped with a cold door, even during cooking. Indeed, such an opening always stays below 40 ° C Operating. This means that the outside of the door stays at a respectable temperature, so you don't get burned if you touch it.

For the opening system, you also have a choice. The most common are doors that open to the right or left. The latter are more advantageous in the case where the built-in combination oven is located in a place close enough to a corner. The door will therefore not be in the way when you open it. You will have full access to the interior of your built-in multifunction oven. Other alternatives are rarer, but there are pocket doors and sliding doors. The former fold inwards, which is ideal in a confined space. The latter are even rarer and as their name suggests, they slide to the side.

Using a built-in combination microwave oven

Choosing an oven and owning one in your kitchen is essential these days, especially when it comes to a combination microwave. Originally, the appliance was intended only for operations such as preheating and defrosting. Currently, various other functions are available, as you will have seen earlier in this article. But to ensure a long lifespan of such a device, it is essential to know exactly how to use it. Here are some tips for doing this.

Avoid installing your oven near heat sources

If you want your microwave to accompany you for years to come, as soon as it is installed, plan a place away from any heat source. The ideal would be to install it in an area where the ambient temperature does not exceed 35 ° C. At the location where the oven is to be placed, it is important to provide a space of about 8 cm to allow good ventilation.

Make sure the device is easily accessible

Accessibility is especially important, especially when it comes to built-in microwave ovens. So you have to think carefully about its location so that it is easily accessible when you want to use it. For this, various criteria such as the size of the kitchen, the space required to accommodate it, among others, must be seriously considered.

Do not put any TV or radio near its location

There are many people who attest that a microwave oven, whether built-in or not, generates disturbances on a TV or radio. The signals could even damage these devices if the situation persists. The distance between this equipment must therefore be particularly reasonable.

Know what foods you can cook

Although this is a device known for its versatility, it is never too careful to know which foods are incompatible. It is indeed important to note that some do not correspond to the cooking methods of a microwave oven. Whole poultry, for example, cannot be fully cooked in the appliance. The temperatures provided are indeed not sufficient for this. In models equipped with a steaming function, eggs and shellfish may simply explode under the pressure supplied.

Cover your preparations

Covering your cooking dishes allows you to benefit from more even cooking. This tip also gives you the option of significantly shortening the cooking time. Finally, this prevents your dishes from being completely dried out in the end. For best results, you can use a plate, baking paper or cling film.

Avoid using metal

It should be noted that the use of metal containers or plates is totally prohibited in a microwave oven. Indeed, the waves bounce off this type of material, which can generate an explosion. Other specific utensils should be used with cling film in order to protect foods such as meat for example.

Pay attention to the cooking time

Know that a too long time in a microwave is harmful and may even generate a fire in the device. It is therefore necessary to adapt the cooking time according to the dish you want to cook. In addition, to optimize cooking, one trick is to pierce or strip the food. Sausages must be pierced to prevent them from bursting.

Maintaining a built-in combination microwave oven

First of all before and after using your device, it is recommended to clean the inside with a soft cloth dampened with water. Besides, general maintenance at your level is cleaning. Never use abrasive materials, as this will damage it.

In the event that the dish you have cooked has spilled out of its container, quickly remove the turntable and clean it with soap and water if necessary. Remember to put it back on before using the device again. For the most stubborn residues, put a container with water in it and turn it on for 2 to 3 minutes. The vapors that will emerge will contribute to the detachment of the dirt. Then pass a cloth to remove them completely.

In the event that a bad odor is noticed coming from the oven cavity, all you have to do is place a few slices of lemon there, depending on the capacity of your device. Add water to a bowl and turn on until the water boils.

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