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Difficult to make a choice for your new electric juicer? We wrote this special buying guide Electric juicer to help you, with the TOP10 best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions... As in all our shopping guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Electric Citrus Juicer!

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Electric juicer buying guide

Did you know that a juicer and a juicer (also called a lemon squeezer) are two entirely different products?

A juice extractor makes it easy to extract juice from fresh fruit or vegetables. On the other hand, an electric juicer comes with a rotating cone-shaped head called reamer. You just press on the articulated arm so that the juice flows to the spout, then into the glass of juice.

With the increased demand for electric juicers, the brands that market them have multiplied. Here is a buying guide that will help you find the best or best models that meet your needs on this comparison.

How to choose an electric juicer model?

So that you can extract the fresh fruit juice from a grapefruit, an orange, a lemon, with or without the pulp and seeds, choose the right electrical appliance. There are a few criteria you should consider on the electric juicer you wish to purchase:

  • Type of juicer
  • Most people assume that there is only one type of juicer available in the market. Admittedly, there is on the one hand the manual citrus press and on the other hand, the electric citrus press, which includes for example the automatic orange press which has a automatic start system extraction with of course an automatic stop function.

  • Pulp quantity control
  • Some models of citrus juice extractors are specially designed to control the amount of pulp that mixes with the fruit juice. This is the case in particular of the professional citrus press which is however intended for restaurateurs.

  • Spin function
  • A fruit press with this function is often more expensive. It is designed to be able to extract the maximum amount of pulp from any citrus fruit. It is equipped with a compartment which produces a centrifugal effect on the fresh fruit juice. The pulps stick to the wall of the centrifuge and only the juice goes through the jug.

  • Reamer type
  • The reamer of most electric citrus juicers is inverted, that is, turned upwards. This type of juicer is also the most commonly used. It is designed so that it can extract the maximum amount of orange juice from oranges for example. However, the pulps and seeds remain, which means that the vitamin-rich fibers of the fruit are also lost if the juice is extracted using this type of juicer.

  • Reamer size
  • Many electric juicer models come with different size reamers and this is one of the important parts of this device. However, a juicer with a single size reamer will not be effective in extracting the juice from all fruits (e.g. if you squeeze lemons and then switch to tangerines or grapefruits). It is therefore recommended to consider the juicer according to the size of the fruit.

  • Material and appearance in general
  • Generally, electric juicers are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is more resistant to humidity and happens to be a very designer material, especially if it is a brushed steel. In addition, the dark gray of this metal brings the semi-professional side to the electric juicer.

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Compared to the juice extractor, the electric juicer is easy to clean because it consists of only a few removable parts : hermetically sealed engine block, manifold, protective cover, etc. Few electric juicers come with complicated parts. Before buying the model that suits you, it is advisable to check if it is designed so that it is easy to clean manually.

  • Quality of the juicer
  • The quality of the electric juicer does not only mean that it has an asynchronous motor or that it adjusts the speed of rotation of the reamer to save time during extraction. This criterion depends above all on the quality materials from which it is made. The ideal is to see in the specifications a mention which tells you that the device is BPA-free.

How to use an electric juicer in the right way?

There are a few simple steps that can be used or applied to make the best use of an electric juicer. In the following lines, you will know the right methods to follow.

  1. Before you squeeze fruit juice with an electric juicer, you must first place on a flat surface like your kitchen worktop for example. This is a very important step that you should always keep in mind.

  2. In the next step, cut the citrus fruit into pieces. To do this, use a knife. It is best to cut on the central part of the fruit so that the stem and the end of the fruit appear on the opposite part. All of these techniques will help you use the fruit comfortably on the device.

  3. In this step, you need to know how the electric juicer works. It is best to place it on the central part of the table and also place the pitcher or glass on the side of the device so that you can easily pour the juice. Now take half of the fruit and push it directly onto the reamer. Then slowly turn the fruit in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the cone to continue the draining process. When all the juice is extracted, it is best to throw the fruit slices directly into the trash.

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