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Unpleasant and unpleasant, mice are small rodents that can be very damaging to your home. They attack your electrical cables, documents, furniture and even your clothes. Worse still, they dig tunnels in your walls, your attic and in your attic, which is particularly harmful to your home. Moreover, if you are sensitive enough, the odours of their excrement and urine can also have harmful effects on your health. Furthermore, they can also carry bacteria or viruses For all this, you will agree that it is essential to eliminate these small pests in the most efficient way possible!

Among the various solutions available on the market, there is the Ultrasound device which is particularly effective against mice. Also called "Mouse repellent."it is an alternative non-lethal This solution is recommended if you are reluctant to kill Jerry's peers from the famous cartoon of your childhood. With this type of device, you can be sure you won't have to deal with this type of rodent again. However, there are many models on the market, so it is not very easy to choose. To help you in your quest, we have put together this guide and comparison. Our goal: to help you find the ultrasound mouse that will allow you to clear If you are fed up with the damage caused by these little beasts, follow us, because here we go!

What is an ultrasound mouse repellent? And how does it work?

An ultrasonic device is a highly effective electrical device used as a rodent repellent, i.e., a device that uses repellent technology that emits ultrasounds or ultrasound waves and vibrations at sound frequencies above 20 kHz, and some models may even have high frequencies up to 65 kHz.

Thus, this type of device is an instrument that was designed to broadcast a kind of sonar providing extremely high-pitched soundsHowever, these sounds are perceived by the auditory system of animals such as mice and rats and are very unpleasant to them.

To operate such a device, you must first go through its power supply, so make sure that you have connected the batteries, electrical outlet or cables to a solar panel. Generally speaking, the ultrasound is adjusted so that the human ear cannot hear the sound frequency emitted. However, all pests in a field of action from 1 to 200 m². can pick up the waves emitted by this type of ultrasonic emitting device, and they take this as a threat, and will not dare to approach the source of the signal.

In order for the process to be effective, you will also need to ensure that no potential food sources are present within the repellent's range of action. If this were to be the case, these unwanted animals would have an added incentive to face the waves and thus break into your house.

What are the advantages of using an ultrasound repellent?

In addition to the ability of an ultrasonic mouse repellent to keep rodents away without any cruelty, there are a number of other significant advantages:

  • This is a pest control device which respects the environment It is also harmless to your pets.
  • He's in a position to scare off any other type of unwanted bugs such as crawling or flying insects or other mammals (mice and rats, bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, moles, bats, etc.).
  • Some electronic ultrasound devices are able to penetrate walls and make it difficult for pests to communicate with each other. This technology will cause rodents to lose their balance by causing vibrations in their whiskers or vibrators.
  • The combination with other electromagnetic waves is possible, which provides more results. This can be done by pulsing electric current. The waves created will create an uncomfortable environment, which will force them to move to another location.
  • It does not kill rodents, but simply repels them, thus avoiding the odours caused by the decomposition of their corpses in your home.
  • It allows you to avoid using dangerous and toxic products, that could not only harm youbut also to your pet if you have one.

What are the possible disadvantages of ultrasound repellents?

Although the effectiveness and advantages of this type of pest control are no longer to be proven, there are nevertheless a few disadvantages. Firstly, since we are talking about directional technology, the ultrasound emitted by the do not go through wallsYou will therefore need to buy several of them to cover your entire house. However, as already introduced in the previous paragraph, some models of ultrasound devices are able to do this. In concrete terms, these, which can also be described as seismic devices, use infrasoundSecondly, if you have animals such as cats or dogs, they may also be bothered by the sound frequencies emitted. Finally, regular and prolonged use may allow mice to become accustomed to ultrasound, so they may no longer be bothered by repellents.

How to choose your ultrasound repellent?

It is important to know that the model to be chosen must first depend on the invasion level In order to make the right choice, it is therefore crucial to take this into account. You should also be aware that other criteria come into play. Among the most important are the surface area to be treated, the effectiveness, the strength and the type of pest repellent to use.

  • The surface to be treated
  • This is one of the most important criteria, since the number of devices to be used depends on it. In this sense, you should know that only certain rodent repellent devices can penetrate walls. If you opt for models of this kind, you won't have to worry, at least when you choose sufficient power. But, for other models, you will have to buy several devices for all the rooms in your house. Obviously, for a single room one will suffice. Currently, you can find on the market packs made up of several ultrasonic repellents.

  • The efficiency of the device
  • Here, you will need to orient yourself to products that provide many setting modesThis is because some devices have only one setting that may not provide the desired results. Pest control ultrasounds that have many settings are better, more effective and quickly repel mice. For example, you can choose a model that has a motion sensor that is only activated when something moves in a room. In this case, you can also save the energy that powers your mouse repellent at the same time.

  • The power
  • This is an unavoidable criterion, since it mainly concerns the power and intensity of the frequencies In most cases, the more powerful the device is, the faster you will scare away the mice.

  • The type of repellent
  • There are two types of ultrasonic mouse repellent on the market: multidirectional and unidirectionalIf you know exactly where the rodents are hiding, the one-way models will suit you, as they target the mice themselves, their nests and the place where they enter. On the other hand, if you don't know where they have taken up residence, we advise you to opt for the multi-directional models. This technology will allow you to treat the entire surface of your house.

  • The price
  • Please note that you will find models at very low prices s on the market, but these may be less effective on a limited area and without walls. You may also want to consider high-end repellents using more sophisticated technologies. These include the electromagnetic pulses or frequency sweeps among othersOf course these models are more expensive and this varies depending on the manufacturer. There are also more professional solutions that include technologies such as patented more advanced.

More details on the level of infestation

This is a particularly important point since the efficiency of the device is totally conditioned by it, since the solutions will be more or less effective depending on a few criteria:

  • If the infestation is recent...the ultrasound will have satisfactory results.
  • If the infestation is older one...other techniques would have to be combined.
  • If the mice already have a large nest...hunting them would be particularly difficult.
  • The age of rodents Be aware that the youngest birds generally stay in their nest, while the adults tend to move around often, making them easier to target and hunt.

The use of an ultrasonic mouse repellant

As you may have guessed, ultrasonic repellents are among the most popular... the best solutions However, their effectiveness will also depend on how you use them, so let's take some time to dwell on the subject with the following paragraphs.

Control of the operation of the device

Whether or not you are used to this type of device, you will first have to peruse You should familiarise yourself fully with the operation of the device and take into account all the information provided. This will enable you to master its use as quickly as possible. In addition, you should also take note of all the safety instructions, otherwise you may be tempted to make incorrect use of the device.

The right location

Be aware that an ultrasonic repellent does not... settle down anywhereHere again, you should rely on the recommendations in the operating instructions. Otherwise, you can always place your device in a place where you often see these rodents. Mouse repellent should also be chosen according to the size of the room, because while some can emit over large areas, others cannot.

Place one unit in each room

If you are using a layout model that is not able to pass through walls, you will have to install in every roomOtherwise, you will always be able to move the elements that could interfere with the emission of ultrasound waves, but be aware that this system will not be totally effective compared to others present in all rooms.

Check the effectiveness of your protection

Generally speaking, there should be no rodents... after a few days You will have to be patient, as the result will not be immediate. However, if after a while you still find mice wandering quietly around your house, you will have to carry out a verification procedure.

To do so, you must first make sure that all the installed devices are working properly. For example, inspect the LED light indicating that the equipment is working properly, otherwise check that the device is connected to a power outlet (mains socket). Also, make sure that you keep your clean living spaceOnce you're finished, you can relocate your unit(s) to a more efficient location.

The repair

If by misfortune you notice that there are still no results, your rodent repellent may not work properly. In any case, don't try to fix it yourself Turn to the professionals in the field and you can be sure that the device is in good hands.

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