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Difficult to choose for your new Kenwood Centrifuge? We wrote this Kenwood Centrifuge Special Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions... As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Kenwood Centrifuge!

Our selection of kenwood centrifuges

Kenwood Centrifuge Buying Guide

Drinking a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice at breakfast is a healthy gesture that everyone should adopt. The best juices are prepared with a centrifuge, one of the few solutions to separate the juice from the pulp. Kenwood centrifuges are considered to be the best in their class. There are so many models that only a comparison would really differentiate them. Before buying, we advise you to consult the tests that we carried out on best models of Kenwood centrifuges and discover the different selection criteria. 

Why choose a Kenwood centrifuge?

Kenwood is a Swiss brand specializing in household robots. Its expertise in electric kitchen appliances such as the centrifuge allows it to develop very high quality products. It must be said that a Kenwood centrifuge has many strengths. The durability, reliability and performance of Kenwood centrifuges have already convinced great chefs and thousands of amateurs.

If you want make juices in record time, the centrifuge is your ally. It not only separates the juice and the pulp, but it also spreads the fibers. The juice is placed in a compartment, ready to be served immediately. In addition, it is not even essential to peel the ingredients (except the pits and hard skin), which makes it a ideal solution for express vitamin preparation or at the last minute.

Thanks to his high-speed rotation system and ultra-precise blades, it can process a wide variety of ingredients into juice including vegetables like spinach, watercress, cabbage, carrots or tomatoes. When testing the products of our selection, we would like to remember that the Kenwood centrifuge is capable of extracting juice from ingredients with different textures and combining the aromas. A way to vary the preparations.

A Kenwood centrifuge is by definition a robot easy to manipulate and with whom he is practical to work on a daily basis. In fact, it is always made up of two easy-to-clean containers which prevent dirt and splashes.

The company also has a reactive customer service with local repair centers if necessary. If you need information on the operation of the centrifuge, the official website of the brand offers an online user guide with technical support available.

How to choose your Kenwood centrifuge?

Once on the shelves of a Kenwood dealer, your attention should be focused on a few basic criteria:

The capacity of the centrifuge

Need to prepare delicious smoothies for 4 people every morning? A centrifuge with a maximum capacity of 1L will be sufficient. But if you want to treat a large family, you will have to set your sights on a larger Kenwood format. There are currently versions with pulp container with a capacity of 3L, much more practical, because you will not have to empty the bin during use. 

The width of the chimney

The chimney is the generally transparent plastic pipe in which the various ingredients are placed. The size of this varies from approximately 70 mm to 85 mm. The larger the chimney, the more it will be possible to mix and mix a large number of fruits and vegetables without having to cut them beforehand. 

The power

The power of the engine with multiple speeds is what will determine the timeliness of the centrifuge or more exactly the number of revolutions per minute performed. A powerful engine is a real advantage. It will be more efficient and more suitable for semi-professional use. Thanks to our comparison, you will have no trouble detecting the most powerful and durable models (between 700W and 1500W).

The material

The body of the centrifuge which houses the screen and the motor can be stainless steel, in metal or brushed aluminum, guaranteeing maximum protection. However, there are centrifuges with a much lighter white and gray plastic body. The compact design of some models is ideal for easily integrating into any kitchen, whatever their style.


In general, the best material used for the Kenwood centrifuge should be washable and can be washed in the dishwasher to reduce your workload. For a pleasant use of the product, it is preferable that all the elements of the centrifuge are removable. 

The options

To reduce leaks when using the centrifuge, choose models equipped with a anti-drip system. The other option is the foam separator which simply filters the juice as it leaves to prevent a frothy white foam from forming on the surface.

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