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Difficult to make a choice for your new Cast Iron Casserole ? We have written this special cast-iron casserole buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions... As in all our shopping guidesWe have done our utmost to help you choose the best Cast Iron Casserole!

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Cast iron casserole buying guide

Today, cast iron is the material of choice for good cooking. Professionals or amateurs, all appreciate it for its thermal conductivity. Thanks to this property, the cast iron casserole is very practical for cooking all kinds of dishes simmered evenly. In this sense, even if the gas stove or electric hob is not very efficient, the heat is evenly distributed in the pot. However, all the cast iron casseroles While some offer perfect baking, others are likely to disappoint. So, to choose the right model, it's best to have the following information on hand.

Pay attention to the manufacturing material

It is important to know that when talking about cast iron casseroleIn fact, it is a ferrous alloy with a carbon content ranging from 2.11 to 6.67 %.

  • The enamelled cast iron casserole
  • The cast iron of the pot is covered with a thin layer of enamel that protects it from oxidation. Enamel is a coating that is perfectly suited for culinary use because of its resistance, hygienic nature and neutrality. It also makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
    However, as a coating, the enamel will fade over time. In a cast iron casserole enamelled, it is therefore necessary to add oil to prevent the dishes from sticking during cooking.
    It should be noted that the composition of the glazes must also be the subject of great attention, especially the presence of lead, which is one of the components to be banned.

  • The unglazed cast iron casserole
  • The casserole made entirely of cast iron does not wear out over time, on the contrary, it improves as it cooks. There is nothing better for cooking to enhance the flavour of simmered dishes. The raw side of the cast iron gives a slightly peasant touch to the taste of the preparations.
    Cast iron is also a natural non-stick agent that prevents the dishes from burning and having an unpleasant aftertaste, but most importantly, it is lead-free because the casserole is unglazed.
    In addition, this type of cookware can oxidize over time and show some rust. This usually happens when the utensil has not been properly wiped after cleaning.

    Technical criteria related to shape and size

    Referring to shape and size, several choices are available.

  • The shape of the pot
  • Choosing a cast iron casserole should not primarily be based on aesthetic criteria alone. It is more important to look at its practicality, as the shape must be adapted to the type of dish to be cooked. If it is a roast, for example, an oval cast iron casserole is more suitable than a round cast iron casserole.

  • The size of the casserole
  • Size is just as important for practicality as shape. The manufacturers offer something for every need. For medium-sized families, a cast iron casserole between 20 and 24 cm will do. For large families, it is advisable to take it up a notch by opting for 26 cm or even 30 cm.
    Additional criteria

  • The brand
  • The brand is an important criterion and you have to rely on the brands that are especially known for not having any surprises when cooking, such as Staub, Le Creuset, Invicta, Fontignac, Pyrex and many others.

  • The color
  • Colour is a personal choice that goes hand in hand with the kitchen decor. Some people prefer to combine the colour of their pots and pans with that of their cookware. To do this, there is no shortage of choices: matt black, red, grey, brown, etc.

    The issue of cleaning

    The cleaning and maintenance of a cast iron casserole are often points of neglect identified by purchasers when they decide to choose their own, yet they are important criteria, because choosing a good quality model that is difficult to clean or maintain can be unpleasant after each cooking session, or even cause the kettle to deteriorate completely.
    Under normal circumstances, cleaning and maintenance of a cast iron casserole are easy to do since they are simple tasks that only need to be done regularly, but thoroughly. If most people prefer an enamelled cast iron casserole, it's not for nothing. The enamel makes it much easier to wash, requiring only a damp sponge stroke.
    However, the other cast iron casseroles The majority of the models offered by the manufacturers are dishwasher safe. This is an advantage, but it should not be abused. Precautions should be taken. In particular, avoid placing objects close by during cleaning, as knocks and blows can weaken the material and cause oxidation, which can damage the cooker itself.

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