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Our selection of vacuum packaging machines

Vacuum Packer Buying Guide

We all have this desire to buy large quantities of food and keep it cool in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, this method may not be sufficient for preservation to the point where we sometimes find decomposed vegetables, fruit or meat in the refrigerator. We are therefore obliged to throw them away. To avoid this inconvenience, we offer an effective solution in this comparison: the vacuum packaging machine. Let's discover together the best of this household appliance. We will also see how it is more advantageous to package food. You can then choose the device that best suits you from the models available on the market.

The different types of vacuum packaging machines

A priori, the vacuum wrapper is a machine that allows you to store solid, soft or liquid food in a compression bag. There are two main categories of vacuum machines: the vacuum vacuum packaging machine with external suction and the vacuum chamber packing machine.

The vacuum packaging machine with external suction keeps solid products. It is mainly intended for household uses. It can offer practical characteristics such as the packaging of wet products, the preservation of the external appearance of food, in particular by avoiding crushing. This type of wrapper mainly uses embossed bags.

As for the vacuum chamber wrapper, it has a more powerful motor and accepts all types of products: solid, soft, liquid, dry and wet. In addition, it allows rapid serial packaging. With regard to compression bags, it has no restrictions. This is why it is found especially among professionals.

The advantages of a vacuum packaging machine

Above all, the vacuum packaging machine makes it possible to store food healthier. Fruits and vegetables and other foods can contaminate each other when placed together without any separation in the refrigerator. So don't be surprised to see some vegetables change color. It can be the same for cooked food which is stored without packaging. The aim of the latter being to remove any circulation of oxygen in the preserved food, it helps it to preserve its external appearance and especially its taste. By vacuum-packing your fries from the previous day, you can be pretty sure that you will find them as you left them the next day.

By using a vacuum wrapper, you can also save much more time and energy. You can very well buy in quantity and have the possibility of keeping longer than usual.

As for your raw products, you can wash them, peel them, cut them and then put them in a vacuum before placing them in the refrigerator. They will then be ready for consumption at any time with a longer shelf life. The same is true for fruit. You will no longer need to prepare it every time your child asks for it. You can even adopt the concept of eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day without getting exhausted.

There is also an additional function that the vacuum packaging machine can offer. This is cooking in a double boiler. With this packaging, you can easily do this type of cooking.

Otherwise, the vacuum wrapper also allows the salting of food and then preserving it to let the aromas and spices soak up deeply. What improve the taste.

Choosing a vacuum packaging machine

If these are the advantages of this machine, our comparison now turns to the criteria that will help you make the choice of the best vacuum packaging machine. Start with the power expressed in Watt. This gives you an idea of the power of the engine of the device. The more powerful the machine, the more efficient it is. To this is added the sealing bar which is especially useful for cooking under vacuum.

Next is the power of suction. If it is too slow, you risk inefficiently packing your food. It can also cause the device to fail. It is therefore more prudent to carry out a test before making your purchase. The good suction capacity is 10 liters per minute minimum.

Finally, you will need to consider the size of the machine by first assessing the size of the products you want to vacuum. Do not forget to plan the storage of the device. The models differ from each other. Choose one that can be stored easily. In any case, a vacuum machine is generally compact. It can be easily stored in the cupboard or placed vertically in a corner of your kitchen.       

Now you will find it easier to find the best model of vacuum packaging machine to cool and store your food optimally.

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