Opening a food truck: what are the essential equipment?

Combining the flavors of gourmet dishes with the speed of fast food: this is a concept that is increasingly appealing to catering professionals in France, but also to lovers of good food. It is about the food truck, a nomadic restaurant concept straight from the United States and which has tended to become more democratic in France in recent years.

If you want to embark on this atypical entrepreneurial adventure, find in this article everything you need to set up your food truck.

Service equipment

Reduced start-up costs, possibility of conquering several markets or minimum maintenance of professional premises, among others, such are all the advantages to open a food truck. The serving material to be used is also part of its many advantages since as a specialist in take-out and fast-food restaurants, you have to offer single-use utensils such as cardboard cups, plastic plates, etc. Depending on your specialties, don't forget sandwich bags, hamburger boxes, French fries cones, mini ice cream trays, etc.

Cooking and preparation tools

Whatever the activity, a food truck usually needs a plancha that can sear, grill and cook food as well as a deep fryer and a wok. The use of a conventional oven and a microwave oven is also essential. Depending on your specialties, you will also need a hot dog machine, a panini grill or a toaster, a rotisserie, a crepe maker, a doner kebab, a waffle iron or a churros machine. When preparing your meals, don't forget the stainless steel worktop.

What is needed for conservation

Depending on the space you have, you should also equip yourself with closed cupboards or stainless steel wall shelves. You will also need specific refrigeration equipment such as freezer, refrigerated cabinet, refrigerated beverage cabinet, etc.

The essentials for safety and hygiene

Apart from kitchen equipment, you must also equip your van with a fire alarm and at least one fire extinguisher, in accordance with the regulations to which catering professionals are subject. Likewise, plan heat resistant gloves and safety shoes for you and your employees.

Just like a classic restaurant, you must also equip your van with a sink for dishes, a closed trash can, a tipper, etc. In addition, you need specific cleaning products for cleaning stainless steel kitchen equipment, ovens, etc. In addition, do not forget the plastic gloves conforming to HACCP standards essential when touching food.

The equipment for the exterior design

If you have a small terrace or a small space next to your point of sale where your customers can sit quietly to eat, you need to equip yourself with foldable furniture. Choose quality furniture that adapts to any type of floor as well as to inclement weather. Finally, do not forget the signage to emphasize your presence and allow your customers to appreciate the content of your card at first glance or your promotions.