Our golden rules for setting a festive table

Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter... There's no shortage of occasions to entertain at home. If you're planning to invite family, friends and acquaintances for a special occasion, you might as well set the table properly to make a good impression, especially if you're hosting a sit-down lunch or dinner. Take a look at this article to recharge your batteries on the art of setting the table for the holidays.

The choice of dishes

The choice of the tablecloth For special occasions, and whatever the theme, white, gold, silver or black tablecloths are usually the most recommended. Once this step has been taken, it is time to move on to the essentials, which is none other than the choice of tableware. Gone are the ordinary pieces of cutlery that you use every day, to make way for your most beautiful silverware.

You will have understood it, to receive your guests in a festive atmosphere, the dishes of the great days are essential Plates, knives, forks, spoons and glasses must be combed through before being placed on the entire table. Once you have taken everything out, counted and re-read, it is time to move on to the dressing itself. Here is a guide to placing cutlery From the different types of cutlery to their usefulness and position, these tips are accompanied by dressing techniques according to culture and origin.

What about the table decoration?

Your table is now nicely laid out... You can now move on to the most fun part, which requires a good dose of imagination and know-how. The choice of decoration depends entirely on your tastes and the event you are celebrating. In addition to the place cards, don't hesitate to get inspired by creative ideas and to use a variety of decorative accessories (pine cones, diamonds, origami, table confetti, feathers, rhinestones...) In any case, be careful, because a pretty table does not necessarily mean that you will have to overload it.

False notes to be avoided at all costs

Table plan, table linen, dishes, room and table decoration... Now that you have defined the essentials, a few points remain to be seen to avoid false notes. The aim being to remain in a refined atmosphere with a refined table, here are some essential details to which you will have to pay attention:

-•             Champagne flutes The art of the table requires that they be presented at the same time as the dessert is served, and that they are not placed on the table in advance. the champagne itself

-•             Paper towels Opt for cloth napkins to match your tablecloth, which you can place neatly to the left of the plates or in the glasses.

- Station with a strong decorative odorPrefer the more discreet and less fragrant petals to bring a country feel to the whole.