Picnic: what to put in your basket?

romantic picnic

The good weather gives ideas for walks and if we took advantage of a day to get away from it all for two? Treat yourself to a little romantic getaway on a two-wheeler and organize a little picnic in the middle of nature? Here are some of the things you should put in your basket!

Equipment to take with you

As the motorcycle does not always allow you to take a picnic basket with you, you choose to opt for a backpack with a good volume, which will hold everything you need for the picnic: airtight containers for drinks and ice cream and plastic containers that will be perfect for storing the cheese, pasta and other small dishes that thewe'll have taken to make up for the troubleNote that it is better to choose containers with screw tops, as this will reduce the risk of the contents accidentally spilling inside the backpack.

To make the most of the space, choose small containers and for washing up, it's best to opt for picnic sets consisting of plastic plates, cutlery and glasses. More compact, lighter and less bulky, they will easily find their place in one of the pockets of the rucksack. Don't forget the roll of paper towels, the knife, the tablecloth and a bag for the rubbish. It's useless to carry too many things, as this could make the bag heavier and thus inconvenience the passenger, unless of course the bike has a saddlebag or luggage rack.

What about picnic take-aways?

To maximize the preservation of the dishes, choose only cold dishes such as gazpacho, a garnished salad or melon soup. Raw vegetables, sandwiches, spring rolls, cucumber and tuna salads, a pasta dish, stuffed wheat tortillas or vegetable achards: these are must-haves that you can take on a picnic. On the meat side, roasted chicken with grilled peppers, grilled salmon with cherry tomato compote or thin slices of pork tenderloin presented with vegetable sticks will be perfect. Fish is also a good alternative because it folds to all types of preparations.

For dessert, there's nothing better than seasonal fruit, to be enjoyed with a little whipped cream. Cherry, apple or strawberry tarts will be just as tasty and for gourmets, homemade Bavarians will be a must. Finally, as for drinks, forget bottled soft drinks, which take up far too much space, in favour of drinks in cans, and avoid taking wine with you as you'll have to hit the road on the way back.

Some safety rules to remember

It is important to place food in airtight containers and desserts as well as drinks in cooler bags, this will maximize their conservation. Once you arrive at the picnic site, you should think about airing the dishes. Finally, even if the ride is leisurely, do not forget to wear your motorcycle helmet and to appropriate protective gear.