Why drink French sparkling water?

Sparkling water is probably the most common drink bought and drunk by the French, and people can choose between naturally sparkling or not, but in any case, sparkling water has many benefits for the body, most of which are unsuspected.To convince you to drink it from time to time, we give you an overview of the properties of sparkling water. 

Both types of sparkling water

Carbonated water consists of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide gas. It is carbon dioxide that produces bubbles when the bottle is opened. A distinction is made between natural sparkling water and carbonated sparkling water. The first type contains carbon dioxide from its source.from the water table where it is collected.

Carbonated water, on the other hand, is a flat mineral water like any other, but to which carbon dioxide gas has been added under pressure... which is derived from several sources, and sometimes some minerals and sodium are added.

Beneficial effects on the body

Sparkling water has many benefits for the body:

High mineral content

When you drink sparkling mineral water, you also ingest minerals. These differ depending on the source where the water is bottled. Examples include calcium, magnesium and potassium. To ensure that the mineral water has a good mineral content, the natural source must be free of pollution.

Blood sugar control

Sparkling water contains bicarbonate, which is useful to the body to maintain a healthy pH of the blood, so that it does not become too basic or, on the contrary, too acidic, according to a study conducted in 2015 in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there is a link between glycemic control and the consumption of carbonated mineral water.

Ideal to fight against diabetes

Many people like to drink sparkling water for the simple reason that it makes them feel like they are drinking soda, but it is not very recommended for diabetics because of its sugar content. Drinking sparkling water will make them feel like they are drinking soda because of the bubbles, but without the sugars that are bad for the body....

Clean and safe water

Nowadays, we can no longer trust the tap water...due to the presence of the dangerous toxins. Indeed, many chemicals may be present in tap waterwhich makes it less safe compared to sparkling mineral water.

Good to know

Many people mistakenly believe that sparkling water makes you fat, which is far from being true. The presence of gas can cause bloating, but in no case does it make you fat, unlike soft drinks. In fact, it does, sparkling water is even ideal when you are on a diet, as it contains no calories and is less bland than still water.However, avoid drinking it before a meal as it does whet the appetite. That said, once ingested, it will create a feeling of satiety so you won't swallow more than expected.

Where to get it?

French sparkling waters are the best on the market. The best known and most marketed are Perrier and Badoit.French sparkling waters are available in your usual shops, but those in the "top of the range" category are available online on specialised sites. If you want something original to decorate your table and surprise your guests, buy your French sparkling water at https://watershop.fr/categorie-produit/eaux/.