The 7 most popular types of corkscrews

When you want to taste a wine, the first thing to do is open the bottle. But there are many types of corkscrews: which one to choose? In this article, we'll give you a little rundown on the different types of corkscrews that exist and how to use them.

1) T-shaped corkscrew

Although there is a wide selection of corkscrews, the T-shaped model remains the classic among classics. It's also the most basic of all in terms of design. But it requires a lot of force because it doesn't have a lever to help extract the cork, so you have to use brute force. Therefore, its use is uncommon nowadays.

2) Worm screw corkscrew

It’s a beginner’s best ally, although it does require a certain amount of strength. Its mechanism is very simple: all you have to do is turn the handle-crank in the same way to insert its wick into the cork and extract it from the neck of the bottle. It allows a simple and clean extraction. The only downside is its size which is not ideal for use by a professional sommelier, but rather suitable for home use.

3) Corkscrew with double arms or wings

The double-armed or winged corkscrew (also called De Gaulle corkscrew) is highly regarded for the simplicity and efficiency of its extraction system. Once the spiral has penetrated the cork and reached the bottom, just press on the two side arms to extract it without breaking it. It is ideal for those with little strength or skill.

4) 2-stroke sommelier corkscrew

The 2-stroke sommelier corkscrew is the most commonly used by professionals, and also the most comfortable to use. There are many reasons to consider it one of the most popular corkscrews. Indeed, it is simple to use, precise in extracting cork, small in size (making it easy to carry in a pocket) and equipped with many accessories (capsule cutter blade, bottle opener, wick). It’s the only corkscrew that allows you to cut a bottle cap cleanly. As the name suggests, this corkscrew only takes two steps to extract the cork.

5) Wall corkscrew

The wall corkscrew makes it possible to extract the corks thanks to its wall fixing system resting on a support. This bottle opener is extremely easy and safe to use. With it, the extraction of corks is simple and precise, effortless, with a quick movement of its lever requiring minimal pressure.

6) Electric corkscrew

This is a type of corkscrew where the incorporated technology facilitates the extraction of the cork. It is also an alliance of design and practicality. The great advantage of this type of corkscrew is that it requires neither strength nor dexterity. Just place it on the mouth of la bouteille, press the button and wait for the device to do its extraction job.

7) Coravin corkscrew

Coravin is a French brand that has invented a particular corkscrew characterized by a modern and innovative system that allows you to taste a bottle of wine without removing the cork. Advantage: you can keep the opened bottle for years.

This roundup of the 7 most popular types of bottle opener is finished: you are armed for great tastings!