Tips for cooking light everyday

Have you just lost weight and want to keep your figure? At the same time, do you want to have fun and avoid too frustrating deprivations? It is quite possible by learning to cook light. To find out how, follow the guide.

Fill the cupboards with the right ingredients

To add flavor to your vegetables and meats, here is everything you need:

–              Some wine : Yes, it is entirely possible to integrate wine into the preparation of light dishes. White wine, like red wine, is very rich in fragrances, which gives subtle flavors to food. To avoid running to the supermarket every time you need it, equip your kitchen with a wine cellar for 12 or 18 bottles.

–              Partly skimmed dairy products : to cook light, but greedy, use for example a crème fraîche at 15% or white cheese at 20% maximum. You can also replace them with vegetable milk made from almonds or soy.

–              Herbs like basil and thyme as well as spices like cumin and cinnamon are essential to give flavor and flavor to light dishes.

–              Onions, garlic, lemon, lemongrass, etc.

–              Lean meats and meats

- Etc.

Choosing the right cooking modes

To use a minimum amount of fat, you just have to choose the right cooking method. You have a wide choice.

–              Steam cooking: It can be used to cook all food without oil. To add flavor to your dishes, accompany them with a good tomato sauce.

–              Muffled cooking : Your vegetables, meat and fish will cook slowly over low heat. They will preserve all their flavors.

–              Baking : Vary the pleasures by preparing a zucchini gratin with ham, vegetarian lasagna or a grilled pork roast. You can also cook chicken breasts or fish in foil in the oven.

–              Wok cooking : It is the essential kitchen utensil in light cooking. It allows you to quickly fry vegetables and meats with a minimum of fat. In addition, food retains its nutrients.

Some ideas for preparing light, low-calorie dishes

Are you short of recipe ideas for making light meals? For lunch, you can for example prepare various kebabs using vegetables and fruits, shrimps, diced light cheese, etc.. Accompany them with wholegrain pasta that you sautéed in olive oil and then a yogurt-based sauce.

For dessert, treat yourself with a chocolate cake. Replace the pastry chocolate with defatted and unsweetened cocoa powder, the butter with a few handfuls of grated zucchini and use gluten-free flour. Don't worry, your cake will be just as delicious as the traditional chocolate cake.