What to buy in an organic grocery store?

With the scandals of processed products, people are more and more concerned with what they find on their plates and pay more attention to the origin of the products they buy. This is why many French people prefer organic products, whether for health concerns or to enjoy tasty dishes. If you are part of it, discover our selection of products from organic farming, that is to say GMO-free and pesticide-free.

Pasta and legumes, sources of protein

Eating well is essential for health. For a balanced diet, a person must consume lipids, carbohydrates and proteins daily. If you don't have time to cook, there's nothing like quick and simple pasta recipes. They are eaten in all sauces. You will find a varied range of pasta Chez la Vie Claire, your organic grocery. excellent. sources of protein, fiber, vitamins and essential minerals however, for the proper functioning of our body, legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.) are neglected in cooking. They are also the allies of followers of vegan food.

Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are the main sources of protein. Regarding cereals, prefer them unrefined and unprocessed. Quinoa, wholegrain rice and all whole or semi-whole flour products have a special place at your table.

Sauces and condiments to spice up your dishes

Among the grocery products that you will find in organic stores: sauces and condiments. They enhance the flavor of your dishes. They exist of all kinds to meet all the desires of gourmets. For the spices, you will discover, among others, black peppercorns, cinnamon sticks and saffron. Regarding condiments, gomasio is one of the most popular in the kitchen. He makes a good alternative to salt. To season and cook your dishes, don't forget the oils. They meet your needs for good fat (omega 3, 6 and 9).

Ready meals and preserves to save time in the kitchen

With your hectic lifestyle, you can turn to organic ready meals to save time in the kitchen. Just warm them up and your lunch or dinner is ready. The deliciously flavoured vegetable terrines are a pure delight. At aperitif time, the spreads, the small salted squares with comté cheese, the breadsticks with olives, the natural tortilla chips... they will make your mouth water.

A few tips

To avoid food waste and consume responsibly, here are some easy steps to adopt:

  • Buy products in bulk : In an organic store, the bulk department is full of many treasures such as cereals, pulses and dried fruits of all kinds that are cheaper.
  • Buy only the essentials: Most frozen products will keep perfectly well in the freezer. For the rest, buy only what you need and cook only what you can finish.