Opening a food truck: what are the essential equipment?

The purpose of a corporate event is to strengthen the cohesion of the team. It also helps instill a sense of belonging in the company and to thank all employees. To plan a memorable evening, here are some ideas for preparing a buffet!

The professional cocktail reception 

The cocktail dinner is a must to create a moment of conviviality. It is distinguished by a wide variety of salty and sweet petits fours. These snacks can be presented as a buffet or served on a platter, depending on your convenience. But whatever you choose, this style of buffet has the benefit of being casual. In addition, it creates a more friendly atmosphere. This is ideal for facilitating exchanges between line managers and all employees.

To design a colored tray, many solutions are possible. One of the easiest options to make is to vary the presentation of the toast. You can also add a wide choice of desserts: verrines, tarts, tortillas, canapes, cold cuts, samosas, etc.

Besides that, refreshment should not be neglected during a buffet. A professional caterer can help you choose the right drinks for dinner cocktails. His advice is invaluable in order to be able to choose the ideal type of drink: carbonated, natural, fruit cocktail with or without alcohol, whiskey, rum, etc. Feel free to see here if you intend to do a tasting at a caterer.

The gourmet buffet

The buffet also has its place in corporate events. It differs from cocktails by its more formal side. Nevertheless, the conviviality is always there.

Usually, the buffets are organized in the evening in a prestigious large room or in the open air, depending on the desired atmosphere. Compared to the cocktail, the menus served are more refined and substantial. If the number of employees is high enough, the dishes served are among the alternative solutions to save money when organizing a Event corporate.

A buffet menu should consist of a variety of cold starters, including fresh raw vegetables, cold cuts, pasta varieties, seafood cascades, etc. Hot starters are also welcome. Depending on the buffet style, small treats such as mini puffs, mini éclairs, fruit salad bowl, cupcakes and many more can be made available to round off the festivity.

To choose the most suitable type of menu for your corporate event, it is best to call on a high-end caterer.You can explain your needs to him and impose your requirements.Then comes the tasting which is also a very important step.The tasting at the caterer must be done on an empty stomach to have an objective judgment.It's best to bring other people with you so you can have different opinions.Tasting the test menu allows you to appreciate the samples of desserts and dishes that the caterer has specially concocted for you.Now is also a good time to polish the little details and ask him questions about the extra services he offers on D-Day.