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Difficult to make a choice for your new Semi Professional Fryer? We wrote this Special Semi Professional Fryer buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Semi Professional Fryer!

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Semi-professional fryer buying guide

A deep fryer is a household appliance for frying foods of all kinds.Indeed, whether it is potatoes, donuts, spring rolls, vegetables, fish or others, this material promotes a wide variety of fried foods.In view of its reputation and usefulness, the market currently offers different types of fryers.In addition, it is likely to opt for an oil-bath fryer, a classic electric fryer, a semi-professional cold-zone fryer, or an oil-free, forced-air fryer.Each of these pieces of equipment is effective.But in this buying guide, we are going to focus on the semi-professional fryer.

While it is true that previously a deep fryer was considered a piece of catering equipment, countless households use this utensil in their daily lives. In addition, in order to guarantee crispy, golden and tasty fried foods, any kitchen should have this equipment. So, to guide your choice, we have analyzed some crucial points. We are going to highlight the advantage of having such a tool in your home, the disadvantages of its use, but also the key factors to enjoy a profitable investment.

What are the advantages of a semi-professional fryer?

It is clear that anyone is able to fry food, but the crunchy consistency is difficult to stir up. Only a cook with a quality fryer will be able to provide this aspect. A semi-professional fryer is easily identifiable thanks to its simple design and its completely stainless steel body. Strongly recognized in the market, especially with culinary establishments, its acquisition has a number of considerable advantages.

The first positive point for this type of appliance is the speed of cooking. While cooking is a great pleasure, there is no question of wasting time on preparation. By adopting a semi-professional deep fryer, you will get delicious fried foods in record time.

On the one hand, the semi-professional fryer is equipped with a cold zone which is located under the resistance. This location receives residues and crumbs from food to keep the oil clean. However, it is possible to envisage doing a series of fried foods without an aftertaste or a mixture of flavors. In addition, this device has very little odor thanks to a neat anti-odor system.

On the other hand, ease of handling, but also easy maintenance are points to consider for household appliances. A semi-professional fryer on the other hand does not require any effort to clean, the tub is removable for a quick passage in the dishwasher. As for handling, the device has fixed handles for more stability and better safety.

What are the disadvantages of a semi-professional fryer?

As well thought out as it is, a semi-professional deep fryer can have negative points. Certainly, it is practical and very useful, especially for gourmets. However, this one is bulky. If we make a comparison with a traditional fryer, the semi-pro stainless steel fryer is bulky. Its storage is difficult if the kitchen is small enough. However, this problem can be avoided if you choose a modest product with a basket capacity designed for 2 to 3 people maximum.

Otherwise, the fact that it runs on electricity can be penalizing. Indeed, the semi-professional fryer requires an electrical connection. It is therefore impossible to take it for outdoor trips.

How to choose the right semi-professional fryer?

In order for the acquisition of a semi-professional fryer to ensure satisfaction and meet the needs of each user, it is necessary to understand the various purchasing criteria.

The capacity of the fryer:

For your information, a person can consume between 150 to 250 grams of French fries during their daily meal. For its part, the fry basket has a capacity of between 600grams to 2 kg. It's up to you to see the ideal model based on your daily rations. The average is to turn to a basket capable of supporting 1 kg of frying, especially for 3 to 5 people.

The odor filtration mechanism:

Although it is sometimes pleasant to smell each preparation to titillate our senses and our taste buds, it can be annoying. When it comes to frying, it is best to dwell on an odorless fryer. For this, the device must integrate an odor filter. Either an activated carbon filter, an anti-odor foam filter or, better still, a carbon filter.

The oil filtration system:

We mentioned previously that the semi-professional fryer has to its advantage a cold zone for the cleanliness of the oil. However, it is always a good idea to change the oil after a maximum of 7 uses. Then choose a model that has an oil change indicator.

Additional options:

When we buy household appliances, we always make sure to spot a model that is not too sophisticated. For a semi-professional fryer, check to see if it comes with an adjustable thermostat. This helps you have the perfect fried texture. A timer is also essential for managing cooking time. A removable bowl on its side is an ideal ally for ease of cleaning, but also to remove fried foods. A control window for golden fries and a rotating handle for easy oil draining.

The power of the semi-professional fryer:

It should be noted that a powerful deep fryer is fundamental for crispy and not soft frying. The best is to find a semi-professional fryer with a power of 2000 watts. Thus, whether it is frozen fried or fresh preparations, the final rendering will be amply crisp and satisfying.

Safety of the fryer:

Burns are irremediable cases. So, to avoid having to face this kind of problem, it is better to buy a stable, safe fryer especially if you have children at home.

The brand of the fryer:

Since household appliances represent a promising and flourishing sector, there is no shortage of signs working in this direction. We still recommend recognized and experienced brands, especially by opting for moulinex, frifri, seb or others. The final decision is based on the budget allocated to purchase the semi-professional fryer.


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