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Difficult to make a choice for your new Steamer Mixer? We wrote this special buying guide Steamer Mixer to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Steamer Mixer!

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Steamer mixer buying guide

The Steamer Mixer is now THE perfect solution for preparing baby's meals in peace. With its myriad of features, there is no doubt that this device will make life easier for parents. Unfortunately, the supply of multifunctional food processors continues to expand. Choosing between the many models available on the market can then be like a real obstacle course. It is precisely to help you see more clearly that we have written this special food processor buying guide. You will discover the main criteria to take into account in choosing the device best suited to your needs. Follow the guide?!

The baby cook, an ally of choice for parents ?!

Having become essential in many homes, the food processor steamer mixer is currently very popular, especially among parents who want to prepare good meals for their children.
Dietary diversification is an important phase in our kid's life. New tastes, different smells, colors, new colors? In short, babies must be initiated into the pleasure of eating from their 4th month onwards. But to gradually introduce new foods into your child's meals, you will need to mix and steam them well. This will allow them to be well assimilated by the child's body.
It is to facilitate the preparation of meals that the food processor steamer mixer has been specially designed. Not only is this device easy to use, it also benefits from excellent ruggedness, which guarantees you a long-term investment. Another advantage and not the least: this device will save you considerable time, since it is multifunctional.

How to choose a mixer steamer?

It is necessary to take into consideration some purchasing criteria as well as the functionalities offered by a food processor mixer if you want to find a device that is efficient, practical and economical at the same time. Discover 5 elements not to be overlooked during your purchase ?!

The price

Usually, the price of such a device varies from 75 to 150 euros, or even more. Of course, these prices are only indicative since, for example, you can find good deals on the web. However, if possible, avoid turning to low-cost multifunction robots on the pretext that the latter have very attractive prices. You may indeed find yourself facing a low-end device that will not resist over time. Your best bet is to go for mid-range baby robots, as the more expensive are not necessarily the most efficient.

The options offered

As its name suggests, the blender cooker offers 2 main functions: mixing and steaming. As a guide, the cooking time is generally 15 minutes for this type of appliance.
However, some robots have other options that can be very useful. These include in particular the presence of an audible signal at the end of cooking, reheating the bottles, the pressure cooker, sterilization or even defrosting. Note, however, that these features are not essential if you have a microwave oven at home. Indeed, the latter can without problem guarantee the defrosting and reheating of food.

Bowl capacity

This is obviously a criterion that should not be overlooked. The average capacity of such a device is generally 1 liter. Nevertheless, there are models of 3, even 5 liters, for large families. The volume of your bowl should therefore be chosen according to the number of your children.

Compactness and design

If you want to prioritize practicality, it is essential to choose a more compact model. This will allow you to use it with ease without cluttering your countertop. If you are going to buy your Steamer Mixer online, double check its dimensions before purchasing to make sure it is not difficult to store and use in your kitchen. As for design, everyone has their own taste. Manufacturers are now competing in ingenuity to come up with increasingly aesthetic models to meet customer needs.

The accessories

In addition to the instructions for use and the recipe booklet, which are mostly included, some models come with very useful accessories such as spatula or tongs. These will prevent you from burning yourself. The lid and the water scoop, on the other hand, will be very useful for ensuring safety during mixing. Other accessories can also be delivered, such as storage jars, descaling sachets or a spare seal.
You now know all the tips to complete the purchase of your robot steamer. All you have to do is order the model that best suits your needs ?!

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