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Difficult to make a choice for your new Steamer? We wrote this special Steamer buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Steamer!

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Steamer buying guide

Buying guide for choosing your steamer

The steamer is known to be the essential auto cooker when it comes to steaming cauliflower to perfection.However, crunching carrots and cabbage today is not enough for him.The skills of the 2018 steamer go beyond our expectations.What do you say, for example, to steam your rice?This technique will allow your ingredients not only to not stick to each other, but also to retain the exotic flavor of your meal.Ditto for?eggs.The smart multicooker has honeycomb bowls for?impeccable boiled eggs.Also, equipped with non-stick grills, some prototypes allow the concoction of a dish of white meat and shellfish.Not to mention its great ability to replace plancha, teapot or yogurt.The taste buds will be delighted.

Furthermore, the machine is also recommended insofar as you want to relax dried fruits such as mangoes, apples or grapes. You can use it to replace your microwave oven, to reheat your frozen meals. And for some models, equipped with verrines, it is even possible to make yogurt. Thus, it becomes essential to choose a quality microwave steamer, adapted to the gastronomic and culinary needs of his family.

Why buy a steamer?

Just like the waffle iron, electric pressure cooker and toaster, a 6l rice cooker has both pros and cons.Nevertheless, the benefits are so numerous that the investment is worth it.In fact, apart from the automatic keep warm, all the new models on sale are supplied with an instruction manual, thus facilitating its use.Usually you will only need to pour water (until the level indicator shows the limit) into the container intended for this purpose.Then place the ingredients you want to see how to cook on the basket.Choose a cooking time with the push of a button.When the allotted time is up, cooking stops automatically, so you don't have to worry about your food being charred.This is essential, in particular, with the metro-work-sleep rhythm to which we submit on a daily basis.

The seb steamer, made of stainless steel, is then autonomous. Versatility is added to this value, which is another of its undeniable strengths. This multifunction robot will effectively allow you to simmer dishes of all kinds, ranging from poultry to potato gratins. Not to mention that on the health side, a bain-marie is by far the best cooking that can be. It guarantees you a gastronomic trip stifled in vitamin C and nutrients while providing you with minimal fat, so excellent for a diet plan.

Maintain your steamer

While brand name has something to do with it, the lifespan of this small appliance largely depends on the maintenance performed by the user.For a steamer, cleaning the accessories is the bare minimum.After cooking, it is important to run the container or the lid under water, using a dishwasher or a little oil to remove any lingering grime.This is a simple reflex that must be adopted if we do not want to see pollution accumulate.To go further, a tank descaling is also to be expected.And it is indeed not uncommon to see tartar at the bottom of it after 6 or 7 months of use.To get rid of it, there is nothing better than white vinegar.Start by inverting the turbo crown and then add lemon water to the tank to its optimum capacity.The lemon drops will help prevent tartar in the future.Then garnish this turbo crown with vinegar.Wait until last night, all you have to do is rinse with lukewarm water.The result is convincing.

A few steps to preserve your compact steamer

The benefits of steaming are numerous.Also, the equipment requires the most delicate handling on the part of its user, whether it is for making a tagine or a tasty sandwich.No need for a hob.At first glance, it is strongly recommended to respect the maximum load of the baskets.In them man?When working, it is essential to wear gloves, for both children and adults.These precautions are also valid for other accessories such as the cover.Whenever possible, avoid any contact with the cooking steam, as this could cause burns.And finally, make sure the cooking appliance is cool and already unplugged before cleaning it or moving it from one place to another.

How to choose your steamer?

With or without a vegetable cutter, the steamer is the appliance you need for the most exquisite culinary preparation. But still, you have to choose a model that suits not only your budget, but also your needs. There are many criteria to be taken into account if we were only talking about the total capacity, the bowls, the baskets or even the power which takes precedence to save time.

Criterion n ° 1: Capacity

On the market, the capacity varies between 5l and 12 liters. With prices that diverge, it becomes important to assess your real need. For a household with eight people, a compact braun steamer with an 8l capacity is suitable. That said, if there are only two or three of you at home, you don't need to go for a GM model.

Criterion n ° 2: The baskets

Another criterion on which your purchase should be based is the number of baskets in the device. Although most have 2 or 3, the ideal would be to have as many as possible, if the budget allows. So you can afford to cook potatoes in the first, Chinese buns in the second, and so on.

Criterion n ° 3: Quality bowls

There are different types of bowls, made of different materials. Your choice will then be based on your eating habits. Do you like gluttony? The bowls you use for your silicone steamer will not be the same as those used for a Hollywood diet. However, for cod, there is unanimity on the glass robot cooker.

Criterion n ° 4: Power

Minimum power is required to start a universal steamer. For small models, 600 or 1000 W will do the trick. However, this can reach 2000W for high-end devices. Taking this into account is essential, especially if you want to save energy.

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