How to make good Breton pancakes ??

The tasty “Breton pancakes” thrill the taste buds, and go far beyond our borders. Impossible for a tourist, for example, to come to France without having eaten a pancake. It's easy to make, it doesn't cost too much, and you can change the filling as you like so you never get bored. In short, the perfect dish, but you still have to know how to prepare the dough!

What ingredients do you need to make the pancake batter yourself? What is the best recipe ?? We give you ours, will you tell us any news ????

Preliminary preparations

There are different ingredients that go into making pancakes, but you probably already have most of them at home:

  • 250 g of wheat flour;
  • 50 g of butter ?;
  • 50 cl of milk ?;
  • 10 cl of water ?;
  • 4 large eggs ?;
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar ?;
  • 1 pinch of salt.

The first step concerns the realization of the pancake batter. Concretely, you put the wheat flour provided in a salad bowl. You mix it with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt. After supplementing with milk, you gradually pour in water, beating everything with a whisk. You add previously melted butter to the mixture as well as the eggs. You stir enough to obtain a homogeneous paste with an ideal texture. You put it in the fridge for half an hour or 45 minutes.

Here is a tip to avoid lumps :you start by mixing the solid ingredients first, and you supplement with the liquid stuff later!The addition of eggs comes last.Some people also use cocoa powder to make the paste more flavorful.This guarantees wonderful pancakes with a nice filling.The preparation of your pancakes must be done with quality equipment to obtain truly delicious products.A large skillet may be sufficient, but we recommend that you invest in at least a pancake pan or better still a real pancake maker. here a guide to help you make your choice.

The cooking

The preparation takes place in different milestones.

  • You start by turning on your billig and put it at 220 ° C. The temperature may vary depending on the appliance model. Consult the manual of your crepe maker for more information.
  • You grease the heated griddle with a pad or a cloth dipped in butter. You can use lardiguel. This theme refers to a mixture of lard and egg yolk.
  • You put a ladle of dough on the baking sheet and flatten it with a pancake rake.
  • After about a minute of cooking, you turn the second side of the pancake with a specific spatula. You alternate sides until the patty becomes ready. If necessary, you grease the baking sheet to prevent pieces of dough from sticking together.
  • You continue in this way until you finish the previously primed mixture.

The filling of Breton pancakes

Different options exist. If you are more sweet, you can use salted caramel, chocolate, jam or chestnut cream. If you prefer a savory crepe, the classics are egg, ham, cheese, but there is no limit to the imagination! It depends on what everyone wants. In all cases, Breton pancakes can be accompanied by a good cider or any other drink of your preference. You can serve it as a simple snack or as a main course. These pancakes remain very popular on all occasions.