How to open a delicatessen?

Are you tired of putting up with the pressure of your supervisor at work? Would you now like to set up on your own by opening a delicatessen? Before taking the plunge, first learn about the prerequisites for this activity.

The reasons for the development of delicatessens

The number of convenience stores continues to increase for various reasons. Consumers want to reduce the time spent shopping, while older people prefer to go to the local grocery store to buy what they need. As organic products are also in great demand today, a delicatessen is the best place to find it, as it is supplied directly from local producers. Rural areas are neglected by the behemoths of the sector, because they do not correspond to their specifications. Local shops thus have great chances of developing their business there.

Forms of food brands in the sector

By opening a delicatessen, you have the choice between becoming a franchisee, being part of a branch or practicing as an independent merchant.The first two forms commit you to depend on a parent company for your product supply, but protect you from possible financial failures.As a franchisee, you must also pay a certain percentage of your sales monthly to the parent brand.For the branch, you will be hired as a salaried manager.Nothing like the independent business form, therefore, leaving you free to manage your business and to associate with other freelancers.

The skills required

No specific skills are required to open a delicatessen. However, you need to have some basic knowledge of accounting or management to do this. Knowing how to make your brand known at municipal or regional level is a plus by creating or by improving the design and functioning of your merchant site, for example. This will allow your customers to order directly online and possibly have their purchases delivered to them.

Investments to be made

Also plan for the main start-up expenses you will have to incur when opening your delicatessen. This includes the costs of its creation, the work to fit out your premises, the acquisition of professional equipment such as refrigerated furniture, shelving, the purchase of a utility vehicle, etc. Do not forget the acquisition of your product stocks, representing on average 2/3 of your annual turnover ...

Subscription to insurance

Protect yourself against the risk of accident in your establishment by subscribing to comprehensive business insurance. This will protect you from an untimely shutdown or loss of activity following a disaster such as water damage, theft, broken glass, damage to goods. It will also help you to guarantee your professional equipment against any damage.

The difficulties of the profession

Finally, know that by embarking on this activity, you must know how to anticipate its difficulties such as seasonality, for example, if your sign is located in a tourist area. Your inventory or personnel management must be done in function so that your turnover does not suffer the consequences and does not deteriorate in function. It is therefore best to have a third party assist you if you have any difficulties at the start, especially with your business plan.

Little tip to expand your customer base

It is good to know that the competition is tough and that, to make yourself known quickly and stand out, it is advisable to invest in creation of a tailor-made, design and impactful e-commerce site. In fact, almost everyone has access to the Internet at any time. So you can be sure to gain visibility, especially if your e-commerce site is well referenced. And if necessary, you might as well call on a professional in the field to obtain optimal results.