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Difficult to make a choice for your new Tajine En Fonte? We wrote this special Tajine Cast Iron buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Tajine En Fonte!

Our selection of cast iron tagines

Cast iron tagine buying guide

The tagine is both known as a kitchen utensil, but also as a stewed dish with Magrebian origins. In addition, it is the container and the content at the same time. All cooks wishing to present food with less fat and more taste have an interest in acquiring this material in order to complete their kitchen equipment. In fact, a tagine dish is necessary both for cooking and for serving.

Given its popularity, the market today offers a wide variety of tagine dishes. Indeed, we can cite the raw terracotta tagine dish, the glazed or enameled terracotta tagine dish, the cast iron tagine dish, the electric tagine or the silicone tagine dish. They each have their advantages, but in this buying guide we are going to take a look at the Cast Iron Tagine. In order to guide consumers, we then took the time to analyze the advantages of its use, the disadvantages of this type of material, without forgetting the parameters of purchasing a cast iron tagine.

What are the advantages of a cast iron tagine?

While it is true that the knowledge of a cook has a great influence on the flavor and taste present in a recipe, know that the equipment used for cooking also comes into play.In order to add exoticism, to preserve the essentials in a food, but also to extract a bewitching scent, the tagine dish is effective.Recipes simmered in a tagine are rich in vitamins and minerals, a positive point for the well-being and health of consumers.Whether it's stews, complex recipes that require long hours, paella or other dishes from a recipe book, the tagine dish will be the ideal casserole for any type of cooking.

The first advantage in a cast iron tagine is its lid. Indeed, all pots and pans are now equipped with a quality, well-fitting and aesthetic cover. However, that of the tagine dish is different. The lid of a tagine dish has a small hole to allow excess water to drain. Especially since it helps to retain the flavor of food. Once cooked, the tagine will be a delight, it promises a unique sensation that you will not find with any other method of cooking.

In addition, especially for meat, we want to have a tender and melting dish in the mouth. When accessing a tagine dish, the water vapor will condense. It will spread over the wall of the lid for impeccable cooking. In addition, the water will be able to drop downwards in order to cook the food. Once cooked, the heat will be retained thanks to the cast iron material.

Otherwise, cooking can be a tiring task, especially if the food is quite delicate. It takes time and a lot of effort, it is almost impossible to indulge in other occupations at the risk of spoiling the recipe. With the tagine dish, just put the food in the dish and let it simmer. No matter the condiments, salt and pepper, coriander, cumin or others, put the ingredients and do not be stingy. It’s no longer about spending hours in the kitchen.

On the other hand, the last point we want to make for a cast iron tagine is that it is ready to use. While for terracotta tagine dishes a light treatment is crucial before use, this is not the same for the cast iron tagine. It is not necessary to soak it or also to use a diffuser for cooking on an induction hob or others.

What are the disadvantages of a cast iron tagine?

Perhaps the downside to a cast iron tagine is the weight. Of course, cast iron is a robust, quality material, which promotes even and regular cooking. However, many consumers complain about the heaviness of a cast iron tagine dish. It is quite difficult to move around with this type of dish.

If we talk about the price, we can say that the price of this type of tagine is quite high compared to other ranges.

How to choose the best cast iron tagine?

The purchase of a tagine dish should not be done at random or on a crush. It is imperative to refer to a few selection criteria for a sustainable and positive acquisition.

The size of the tagine:

As we mentioned earlier, the tagine is also useful for presenting and serving food. However, it will not be fair for one person, but for the whole family. For a convivial meal and a warm atmosphere with loved ones, opt for a cast iron tagine with a diameter varying from 28 cm to 34 cm.


To avoid a concern of incompatibility with the type of fire you have in your kitchen, it is important to dwell on this point. A tagine dish is favorable for slow cooking over low heat. What is interesting about the cast iron tagine lies in its compatibility with all fires. Gas, electric hobs, ceramic hob, induction hob, barbecue, oven, it is versatile.

The price of the tagine:

Even if the price is a lesser criterion compared to the quality, it can sometimes be a major obstacle to the purchase of a cast iron tagine. The price of the latter varies according to the size, the brand, the capacity, but also the usable heat source. In principle, you should plan at least 100 euros for a high-end product.


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