Picnic: what to put in your basket?

romantic picnic

The good weather gives you ideas for walks and what if we took advantage of a day to get away for two? Treat yourself to a romantic getaway on a two-wheeler and organize a little picnic in the middle of nature? Here is what to put in your basket!

Equipment to take with you

As the motorbike does not always allow you to carry a picnic basket, we choose to opt for a backpack with a good volume. It will thus accommodate everything necessary for the picnic, namely the airtight containers containing drinks and other ice cream and the plastic containers that will be perfect for arranging cheeses, pasta and other small dishes as thewe will have taken to making for the trouble. Note that it is better to opt for containers with a screw top, this will reduce the risk of the contents accidentally spilling inside the backpack.

To optimize space, choose small containers and for dishes, it is better to opt for picnic sets that consist of plastic plates, cutlery and glasses. More compact, lighter and less bulky, they will easily find their place in one of the pockets of the backpack. Don't forget the paper towel roll, the knife, the tablecloth and a garbage bag. There is no point in carrying too many things at the risk of making the bag heavier and thus annoying the passenger unless of course the motorcycle has a saddle bag or a luggage rack.

What about small picnic meals?

Pour maximiser la conservation des plats, on choisit de ne retenir que des plats froids comme un gaspacho, une salade garnie ou une soupe de melon. Des légumes en crudités, des sandwichs, des rouleaux de printemps, des salades de concombres et de thon, un plat de pâte, des tortillas de blés farcies ou encore des achards de légumes : voilà des incontournables que l’on peut emmener en pique-nique. Du côté des viandes, du poulet rôti accompagné de petits poivrons grillés, du saumon grillé accompagné de tomates cerise en compote ou encore de fines tranches de filet de porc présentées avec des bâtonnets de légumes seront parfaits. Le poisson est aussi une bonne alternative, car il se plie à tous les types préparations.

For dessert, there is nothing better than seasonal fruits, to be enjoyed with a little whipped cream. Cherry, apple or strawberry tartlets will be just as tasty and for gourmets, the home-made Bavarians will be to remember. Finally, when it comes to drinks, forget about bottled carbonated drinks which take up too much space in favor of canned drinks and avoid bringing wine since you will have to take the road back.

Some safety rules to remember

It is important to place food in airtight containers and desserts as well as drinks in refrigerated bags, this will maximize their conservation. Once you arrive at the picnic place, you will have to think about airing the dishes. Finally, even if the ride is leisure, do not forget to wear your motorcycle helmet and equip yourself with suitable protections.