Makeover your kitchen: tips to try!

kitchen layout

Over the years, the tiles and paint in your kitchen can lose their shine. Although they are still in good condition, the furniture may be dated. A renovation is needed to restore this room to its old charm, but with a more modernized look. Here are some ideas for successful customization of your kitchen.

Creativity ...

You don't have to do a lot of work to revamp your kitchen, you just need a big imagination to transform this room. A few coats of paint will do the trick to give a facelift to the kitchen furniture, the splashback and the walls. Go for colorful hues like red to brighten up the room. To create a cozy atmosphere, light tones are particularly great. Dare to use flashier shades such as yellow or green to brighten up the interior. For a contemporary and industrial style, a combination of burgundy red and gray will embellish your kitchen.

... From the ground ...

renovate kitchenIs your kitchen floor covering dated? False parquet floors are an economical solution to replace tiling. More aesthetic and easy to install, they perfectly imitate solid wood. Also let yourself be tempted by more trendy materials such as vinyl. In addition to being practical and insulating, these accessories allow you to create a more varied look thanks to the variety of choices, ranging from original patterns to large color palettes.

... Up to the ceiling ...

Lights are essential accessories to create a more friendly atmosphere in your kitchen. Use Scandinavian chandeliers to light up the room while highlighting the sleek style of your kitchen. Design and functional, the spots placed above the worktop will bring a touch of modernity to the room. By visiting e-commerce sites, you will have a whole range of choices at your disposal. Start by comparing prices with the online quote. In order to facilitate the customer journey, all documents such as purchase orders and invoice are computerized and are available from the platform. Also save more time by settling your transactions online.

... Through the decoration

You want to benefit froma completely revamped kitchen without spending extravagantly ? L’aménagement de la pièce est une idée géniale pour être dans l’air du temps. Optez pour une cuisine ouverte sur le salon en installant un îlot en guise de séparation. Pour agrandir l’espace dédié à la cuisine, repeignez le mur en blanc. Pensez également à rénover le plan de travail en le couvrant d’une matière plus tendance telle que le zinc ou le béton ciré. N’hésitez pas à personnaliser la déco de votre cuisine en y installant des objets de décoration originaux. Les stickers sont des accessoires très sympas pour décorer les murs. Ajoutez également des vases, des corbeilles à fruits ou des boîtes à condiments multicolores pour mettre du pep’s sur les meubles de cuisine.
Whatever your budget, it is possible to transform your kitchen into a warmer and more contemporary place. With these few tips, you will know that the results will be totally surprising.