Tips for maintaining your wine cellar

Like the American refrigerator, the built-in microwave or the food processor, the designer wine cellar needs to be cleaned. Of course, there are no specific rules for these interviews. Nevertheless, it is recommended to do it regularly. The quality of the wine and the longevity of your large appliances are at stake.

Keep your drink when cleaning

Wine is one of the most delicate drinks in existence. The slightest change in temperature can be fatal. If the glass of wine is a stemmed glass, it is certainly so that the ice does not come into contact with the body heat of the hand. This would impact the ventilated cold and deteriorate the taste of the aperitif. And yet, themaintenance of your class b aging cellar This is only possible if you take out your bottles while cleaning. We advise you to proceed as quickly as possible. A few minutes in the open air does not harm food and wine, unless the ambient temperature reaches 35 ° C, as in summer. To avoid brutalizing the online wine liquor with what is called "thermal shock", it is best to perform the cleaning from September, when the temperature begins to drop.

Proceed to cleaning

Although your mini-bar appliance is not in direct contact with external dirt, over time dust can get attached to it.To this pile is added the grime that accumulates when you open or close your aging wine cellar.In both cases, here is a very simple recipe that will allow you to get rid of this mess as quickly as possible, and at a lower cost.Take some water, to which you will add some of your washing-up liquid.For safety reasons, disconnect the cable connecting to the socket before polishing the walls of the wine cellar with a sponge and then wringing it with a dry cloth that you will prepare beforehand and nearby.Do the same for the ventilation grill.Finally take a look at your activated carbon filter.If you can't get the smelly smells out of your way properly, consider buying a new one.Its price varies from 30 to 50 euros on average.

The different types of interviews

For the longevity of your cheap wine service cellar, you will need to do two kinds ofinterviews. These are the weekly maintenance and the annual maintenance.

The first consists of a simple dusting. But that doesn't preclude further cleaning, especially if you decide to do it together. You will save a lot of time while allowing better wine preservation. Although this is usually an outdoor treatment, the use of chemicals should be avoided.

Unlike the first, the annual maintenance concerns the interior of the liebherr aging cellar. Indeed, the manufacturers recommend cleaning the internal compartments only once a year, for the simple reason that it presents a high risk for the bottles (all types of wine included) that you will have to remove beforehand. Also remove the thermometer, hygrometer and various layettes before passing the soapy water solution.