All the good reasons to fall for a multicooker

With so many kitchen appliances in one machine, a multicooker is the perfect appliance for foodies who are short on time and space. If you are not yet familiar with this device, you have come to the right place. In fact, this article will give you the essentials to know about the multicooker and its strengths. You will also discover the best reasons to choose this kind of device.

What exactly is a multicooker?

As the name suggests, a multicooker allows you to easily perform a variety of cooking methods. Multicookers have become extremely popular, because they are easy to use, make cooking simple, safe and fast.

They also make cleaning easier and easily replace an arsenal of kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers and rice cookers. While not small, they take up much less space on your cabinet or counter than the appliances they replace.

Multi-cookers: how much space do they take up?

Some multi-setting cookers are very compact and produce only enough to feed 2-4 people. Others are much larger to feed 8-10 people. Some models come with a removable jar and cover, making them easier to store and clean.

Since multicookers come in many shapes and sizes, you'll have to consider whether you have the space to store it on your countertop. Rounded devices can be more difficult to store because they don't stack easily and wasted closet space. If that doesn't suit you, you can opt for a square or rectangular model with a flat top that can be neatly tucked away in the corner.

Multi-cookers: how easy are they to use?

As always, this question relies heavily on which model you choose. Some multicookers only come with a simple temperature control that you will need to monitor yourself. Other models, on the other hand, come with digitally integrated recipes, allowing you to prepare your meals with the push of a button.

Your level of culinary expertise should dictate the type of model you choose. Multicookers with automatic temperature settings can be found at incredibly reasonable prices.

It is strongly recommended to opt for a model with a timer and a keep warm setting. This way, you don't have to keep an eye on your kitchen to make sure everything is going as planned.

Many models come with a recipe book, showing the ideal quantities and temperature settings for your machine. It always helps to choose a machine that comes with a dedicated cookbook.

The whole point of a multicooker is that it saves you time and effort in the kitchen and opens up your culinary possibilities. Be sure to select your model carefully to ensure it actually meets your needs.

What is a multicooker capable of?

A multicooker is a modern device that can do a lot of things. It saves you time and optimizes space in your kitchen. This machine is also very flexible. Indeed, you can use it to prepare quick meals or slow-cooked meals for a planned dinner. Here are a few points, all that a multicooker can do.

Slow cooking

The multicooker can slowly cook a dish. All you have to do is press a button, and you won't have to watch it anymore. For example, when preparing meat, add your liquid and seasoning, set the timer, and cook it slowly. You can leave it and do other activities while the multicooker cooks for you. However, experienced chefs often prefer to cook their dishes on a pressure cook setting.

Pressure cooking

Pressure cooking has the same concept as slow cooking. However, the difference between these two modes is the cooking time and temperature. The preset slow mode cooks at low temperature, so that the cooking process takes a long time.


The frying setting allows you to fry your mozzarella sticks or your fries. Just add the right amount of oil inside the pot. Put your food. Then add the spices and aroma. Preset the multicooker to fry and it will do the rest.

Preparing the pasta

the preparing pasta with a multicooker works the same as with a cook setting. However, unlike cooking, the pasta setting will pause its cooking time to remind you to add the necessary ingredients.

Rice cooking

You can also use the multicooker to cook rice. It will bring heat until the liquid boils. It will hold the temperature until all the liquid has evaporated. If your multicooker does not have this preset, just set it to "? High?" and set the timer to 4 minutes.


Stew is logically the preset to choose for cooking stews, steamed seafood, meats and vegetables. At this time, the multicooker boils the food and lowers the temperature slightly to a preset time.

Steam cooking

In the steam preset, add water to your multicooker, add a steam rack (depending on the multicooker model) and turn it on. This is also a preset to be favored because of its health benefits. Indeed, steaming is known to retain nutrients in food.

For sautéing food

You can also use the multicooker as an electric cooker. This is ideal when you want to brown meats before roasting them or cooking them slowly. This saves you having to get another device to skip your food. Thus, it saves you money, time and space in your kitchen.