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Round barbecue buying guide

There is nothing more beautiful than having a good time with family or friends and getting together around a barbecue to make different kinds of grills.Some people prefer to do an outdoor kitchen by creating a shade sail under a pergola and grilling kebabs and sausages.Other people also perform this outdoor cooking by making themselves comfortable on chairs and armchairs in a wooden garden, under a heated parasol.Indeed, it is to strengthen the practice of these outdoor activities that manufacturers of kitchen equipment have designed the round barbecue.In general, this is a cooking appliance that has a cover, a grid, a plancha and an ash collection tray or water collector.Note that a round barbecue can operate either on gas, charcoal, or electricity.From where, during a party grill, one can choose for example to use a barbecue to pose, a barbecue on foot or a mini barbecue to make a barbecue without smoke around a furniture of garden, or why not near the swimming pool.Thus, there is no need to light a wood fire near the flowerpots or near the trampoline, it is just a matter of lighting an outdoor barbecue.

Why use a round barbecue?

Some consumers are still reluctant to opt for the round barbecue, however, it should be noted that it is a utensil that is really very useful and very effective when it comes to grilling. Its main assets are:
- Its design and aesthetics: the round barbecue is often black in color. Therefore, it has a modern and elegant style. It can play a decorative role very well even if it is installed outside the house.
- Its shape and size: the round barbecue is available in several sizes. It is a space-saving material. Therefore, if it is not a table barbecue, it can be easily installed in a small space and it can be the ideal tool to have a tête-à-tête with a good number of guests. .
- Its manufacturing material: a portable barbecue is often a stainless steel barbecue, a stainless steel barbecue, a wooden barbecue, a chromed steel barbecue with enamel finish or a stone barbecue.
- Its practicality: the round barbecue is very easy to use. Plus, it can be placed anywhere, outside or inside the house, or even on the table. It can also be easily stored in a small space. And it is quite possible to position the grid at the level that is suitable for cooking the food to be prepared. Without forgetting the presence of the interchangeable electric plancha with the grid which is reserved for cooking food without fat such as seafood, vegetables or fish.
- Its lightness: the weight of a mobile barbecue does not normally exceed 2Kg. This allows its users to move or transport it without spending a lot of physical effort. Note also that the more sophisticated models are equipped with wheels that allow them to be moved easily and quickly.
- Its kit: the barbecue accessories that come with the barbecue grill are: the utensils, its cleaning products, such as hand wash basins, and its barbecue grill cover. And we can cite as utensils: tongs, forks, peels, rotisserie, fire starter, spatula, blower, gas cylinder, rollers ,?

How to maintain a round barbecue?

To clean a round barbecue, the consumer needs: a wire brush, gloves, baking soda, aluminum foil, degreaser and a sponge. To do this, it is necessary to go through a few important steps, including:
- Cleaning the grid: the most effective method is to use a wire brush and a powerful degreaser to scrub the grid and all residue. Next, make a paste of the baking soda and water to apply it to the grill. Alternatively, we can also use a pressure washer to help us clean up quickly. But if it is an electric barbecue or a gas plancha, it is advisable to use aluminum foil to cover the grill. Note that this is the step that discourages most barbecue users, yet it is the most important.
- Cleaning the ash collection tray: this step consists of emptying the tray so that the ashes do not accumulate after several uses and so as not to risk the grease catching fire.
- Cleaning of kitchen utensils: utensils must be soaked in water with detergent after each use. And it is recommended to use a wire brush to remove all traces of toasted fat.
- Returning the round barbecue to its new condition: this last step involves running a sponge with soapy water over the soiled parts of the round barbecue. Then, it is necessary to reassemble all the parts and to change them according to the instructions of the manufacturers. At the end, it should be rubbed with a dry cloth to prevent the metal parts from rusting.

Tips for ensuring the safety and durability of a round barbecue

If users want a strong and durable round barbecue, the following recommendations should be taken into account:
- Carry out regular maintenance: a round barbecue must be cleaned after each use.
- Buy a round barbecue with a protective cover: Using a waterproof cover can protect a round barbecue from humidity and dust. This barbecue cover is normally equipped with drawstrings which make it easier to put on and take off.
- Oven strippers should not be used as they have harmful effects on human health and the environment: always learn about the cleaning products used to minimize the dangers.
- Leave the round barbecue or plancha grill on while cleaning the grid so that the fat does not cool: fat is the most difficult material to clean when it comes to grilling, however, it should not be left on equipment.
- Use hot water to wash utensils: this is the best way to quickly and efficiently remove grease piled up on the grill of a round barbecue.

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