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Difficult to make a choice for your new Ice Cream Maker? We wrote this special ice cream maker buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Ice Cream Maker!

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Ice cream maker buying guide

There is nothing like homemade ice cream, especially on a hot summer day. Of course you can find affordable options in many different brands and flavors in the ice cream aisle of any grocery store, but sherbets and ice cream that you have made yourself taste better and give you more options in your preparations.

This buying guide gives you the essential information to understand about an ice cream maker. Thanks to our article, you will know which model is right for you in this comparison.

The different types of ice cream makers

When you begin your search for an ice cream maker for making ice creams and sorbets, you will notice that the available models fall into a few main categories.

  • The ice cream maker
  • Ice cream turbines are a old technology which has been modernized, but still reliable for making delicious ice cream at home. Sometimes they have bucket-shaped tanks with a mixer that allows the preparation to be stirred. The mixers on ice cream turbines are usually driven by an electric motor unit that sits above the bowl. On older versions you have to turn a crank.

    These ice cream maker models are generally quite affordable. But, because they don't have a cooling system or cold storage, they require a little more work than the other types of ice cream makers available. You need to make sure you buy plenty of ice (ice cubes or ice cream) and salt in advance for create the cooling element at the origin of crystal formation. Only then can you pour the mixture and add the ingredients for your sorbet recipe or ice cream recipe.

  • Ice cream maker with freezer bowl or cold accumulator
  • Electric ice cream makers with cold accumulator are a little more practical than ice cream makers. Instead of dealing with salt and ice, you just need to remember to put the machine's accumulator bowls in the freezer a day or two before doing your baking. homemade ice cream recipes. Placing the bowls in the freezer to keep them cold shortens the preparation time, unlike churning. Your job is simply to add the ingredients, turn on the ice maker, and wait for your homemade ice cream to be ready.

    As with ice cream makers, cooling the bowl requires some patience. You have to think ahead to pre-freeze the bowl and wait for it to be ready before you start making your Italian ice cream with different flavors.

  • Compressor ice cream maker
  • Compressor ice cream makers are extremely easy to use and produce smooth ice cream that most people love.

    One of the big advantages of this type of ice cream maker is that you don't have to wait like everyone else. You can have great ice cream with a creamy appearance the same day, or even while making your ice cream.

    Many ice cream makers in this category come with an array of elements such as an electronic display which is most often an LCD display, a transparent cover, a timer, a stainless steel container, a function. blender, a spatula, an ice cream scoop and even a recipe book. If you're willing to splurge for convenience and quality, a compressor ice cream maker may be worth it.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Ice Cream Maker

  • Capacity
  • If you are making homemade ice cream for the whole family or want the option of making homemade sorbets for a big party you are planning to throw, buy a large capacity machine is crucialespecially if you are using one of the types of ice cream makers that require a long process. If you have to freeze your bowl all day, you won't be able to quickly make a second batch if you don't have enough ice cream for everyone.

  • Texture and smoothness
  • For some consumers, this will be the most important consideration on the list. The flavor of the ice cream you make will largely depend on the ingredients you use: syrup, strawberry, condensed milk, caramel, colorings, etc. But, the texture will have a lot to do with how the ice cream maker works.

    Some high end models sell so much that they make particularly smooth or creamy ice cream. And compressor ice cream makers are known, in general, to produce smoother ice cream than other types.

    Ice and cold accumulator turbines, however, give you additional control over the texture of your ice cream by offering different options for the ice cream. mixer speed. Slower speeds produce thicker ice cream, while faster speeds make ice cream lighter and thinner.

  • Preparation time
  • In addition to considering how quickly the appliance will mix your ice cream, you should also consider how long you are generally willing to wait for ice cream. If you want to have ice cream the same day you decide to make it, then you should choose a compressor ice cream maker.

    All other ice cream makers require a certain amount of time, especially a cooling time in the case of a freezer bowl ice cream maker.

    For compressor ice cream machines, the speed at which your frozen desserts are made is often cited as a selling point.

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