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Difficult to make a choice for your new Insect remover? We wrote this Insect remover special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Insect Remover!

Our selection of insecticides

Insecticide buying guide

The beautiful days have not yet come to the end of their noses as we already fear the arrival of pests. You will understand, summer is the season for insects, especially flying insects like mosquitoes and flies. It is true that it is enough to have a swatter in your hands to get rid of it, and yet, it's not always as easy as it sounds. So, to come to your aid and give you the best means to fight against insects, we suggest you go through our guide in great detail. Your greatest ally is none other than Insecticide, an equipment that is selected on the basis of several criteria. Of type of use At Design, without forgetting the standards and the maintenance and installation methods, we provide you with the necessary information to constitute a reliable comparison. It's your turn !

Pest control: what is it and how does it work?

Before embarking on the famous quest for best insect killer, it is important to take a look at the essential points. In this way, you will be better able to select the right model, without forgetting the techniques of use. Discover the real ones functions and operating principle of a pest control !

Flies, midges, hornet mosquitoes, cockroaches, mites and wasps? We have to believe that the arrival of summer does not only reflect positive aspects. Pests, and especially flying pests make their big appearance under the influence of heat. Although it is easy to eliminate them, you still cannot be sure that you will get rid of them once and for all. Casually, a lot of people use fly killers, of mosquito nets or even spray, still it is that these are not necessarily the most effective solutions. In fact, at the risk of getting bitten or catching contamination due to chemicals found in some bottles, it is recommended to opt for a pest control.

As big means prevail, the results show that it is a great way to fight against insects, without having to scramble. Depending on the type and model you choose, know thatthe function of a pest controler is to attract insects by means of a blue light. You will understand, this is a light that emanates from a UV lamp. The latter is used to capture pests to trap them, and then allows either to electrocute them, either of them stick.

Other disinsection techniques

In addition to installing a pest control in your home, or in a place for professional and commercial use, it is also advisable to adopt other techniques for prevent insect nuisance. Here are the tips that you can easily use:

  • natural products : Essential oil is a great way to repel insects. We find for example repellents like geranium or eucalyptus. On the other hand, you can still resort to ultrasonic repellents, to one pest racket, to the cloves as well as candles
  • Insecticides : they are presented in a bottle in the form of spray or fromaerosol. Insecticides today have the merit of coming from natural products, as long as you want to avoid chemicals at all costs
  • the services of a professional insect pest : even if it means resorting to great means, you can as well seek help from professionals to avoid dealing with the situation yourself. It is a very effective method for eliminate insects in depth, as in the case of rodents and termites.

The different types of insect pests

It exists 2 main families of insect pests which differ in their mode of operation. Since each type then offers advantages on the one hand, and disadvantages on the other, it is important that you take stock of the subject. This will make it easier for you to choose the model and operation that best meets your needs and your installation conditions.

The electric insect killer

Also called ? insecticide by electrification?, this model acts to captivate mosquitoes and flies, midges and wasps, but also all the mites that invade your home. It should be noted that this type of device is equipped with a led lamp tube who hides behind a high voltage electric grid. This first then exerts an attraction by means of the ultraviolet lamp. Attracted by the light, the insects easily rush into the destructive trap and are systematically subjected to a kind of electrocution.

Know in parallel that the electric insect killer is mostly used in public places such as restaurants and hotels. Nevertheless, it can very well be used for domestic purposes, as long as it is placed at a height that is not likely to cause possible accidents, especially if you have children in your home. Most buyers are confused and apprehensive about the bad odors that can come from electrocution. But rest assured, because these are just simple apprehensions: the electric insect killer emits no smell or noise. Likewise, there is no need to worry about the risk of fire as well as the explosion of insects, as these devices are generally equipped with a drip tray.

The glue insect killer

In a completely different operating principle, the glue insecticide or ? bogging up insecticide? is an alternative suitable for both public and private places. This prototype is also equipped with a ultraviolet LED lamp which acts by attraction. But the big difference is basically in the type of plate, because instead of electrocuting, it captures the insects and makes them completely immobile. The plate is coated with adhesive, while being sticky with pheromone able to easily attract moths, horseflies and the dreaded mosquitoes and flies.

Like the electric insect pest, the glue pest does not pose the slightest danger. It is without chemicals and contains no pollutants or odors, which is a big plus if you're worried about having a possible allergy. It is also a hygienic product, insofar as the pests are not likely to detach themselves in the following minutes, or to spread germs. In any case, if you opt for this pest control equipment, replacing the adhesive pad on a regular basis is essential. Indeed, in public spaces as in your home, this could detract from the charm of the place, without forgetting that the adhesive is a component sensitive to dust par excellence.

What parameters to choose your insecticide?

Buying a bug sprayer is certainly not an easy task, given the different characteristics to take into account. Indeed, there is a list of parameters that you will need to adhere to to ensure the efficiency and installation of your device. To help you in this wise choice, we have gathered the essential criteria for choosing the best insect killer and make a satisfactory comparison.

The usage

Before choosing the type of insecticide and going to the cash register, it is essential to define your type of use. This includes, among other things, the place (or the room) in which you want to place it to best fight against insects. This type of device is perfect for places with a lot of traffic such as outdoor spaces Of restaurants (terraces, patios, verandas, gardens, etc.), as well as hotels. They are also found in shopping centers and stores, in the hospitals as well as laboratories. Likewise, most offices are now equipped with insect pests to ensure the comfort of employees. In addition, the rooms where they are the most popular remain the kitchens and the canteens, knowing that insects are easily captivated by the smell of food. These characteristics are the same in the case of domestic use.

It is still important to point out that not all insect pests are suitable for all locations. Within the professional framework of the restoration, it is for example indicated to prefer the insect disinsectisers with glue. Indeed, at the risk of small pieces of insects spreading in the food under the effect of electrocution, it is advisable to stay ahead. It is all the more important to mention that there are nowadays, sticking insect pests specifically made to equip food display cases.


As with the purchase of any other indoor and outdoor product and equipment, acquiring a pest control is automatically a matter of aesthetics. Indeed, design plays an important role in making a good impression, especially when it comes to installing it in a public place. On the other hand, designers now offer various models, which differ depending on The form and Type of installation. While some hang from the ceiling, there are also wall models to suit everyone's needs.


Like any other electrical item, the choice of a pest control device must be made according to the standards and regulations in force. These include the HACCP standard, relating to food cleanliness, which stipulates that the device in question does not emit any physical, chemical or biological hazard. Also, it must naturally comply with European standards.

The coverage area and power

The coverage area and the power of your new insect killer go hand in hand, as you will need to set it down at an optimal level. This is because there is no reason to locate equipment near areas that are unlikely to attract pests. On the other hand, be aware that the power of a pest control can extend up to 500 m² for professional range products, on a power of 40 watts. In the case of an article for domestic use, these devices can cover an area of 25 to 120 m² on a power of 20 watts. But whatever you choose, it should be noted that the higher the voltage of the device, the more likely you are to effectively capture large numbers of insects of any size.

The installation

In addition to using the services of an installation professional, it is essential to determine the location and installation of your new insecticide. Note that the positioning of the device systematically influences the attraction of insects, which is especially the case for those equipped with UV lamps. It is for this reason that specialists (manufacturers and installers) recommend more or less dark corners. The less natural light you have, the better: blue light will be more able to attract insects. If you are usually the victim of an invasion in a specific area or radius, feel free to set up your pest control at these specific levels.

In addition, your choice will also depend on how your device is installed. There are different poses, ranging from free pose (it will therefore be placed on a high cabinet) at the Wall fixation, without forgetting the ceiling mounting. In the end, your choice will therefore depend on the installation work to be considered and the structure of the place.

The interview

Although some electrical equipment does not require regular maintenance, a pest control system requires special attention in terms of cleaning. A wipe of a damp cloth is sufficient to clean the housing after the device is switched off. Conversely, the collecting tray of a electric insect killer must be necessary emptied. Cleanup can be done on a weekly basis, or even daily in the event of an invasion, or when the pests just decide to fly. The grid cleaning or the plate is much more practical if you opt for a room removable. Simply detach the electrocution grid from its housing to easily remove the insect pieces.

The same goes for the glue insecticide, which requires special attention. When the device is hung on a food display case, in a restaurant area or in a kitchen, its glue plate must be replaced as the insects accumulate. Fortunately, the latter is easy to remove and replace in no time.

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